Thursday, May 5 thru Wednesday, May 11, 2016
8am – 10pm 

East Steps, Connecticut State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

The Bible Reading Marathon starts one week from Thursday, only a few slots still open.  Sign up now!

How does it work?

• Teams consisting of 8 readers each are needed to fill 49 two-hour time slots

• Reserve a two-hour time slot for your group

• Then … recruit 7 of your friends to join you (each person reads for 15 minutes)

• Readers may use the translation and language of their choice (NO Amplified or Apocrypha for the sake of time)


 Who can participate?

Anyone!  The Bible Reading Marathon is ideal for churches, Christian schools, Kingdom businesses, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes or friends and family members who want to join!       


How do I sign up?  

   Reserve early to get the time slot of your choice!

• By phone – 860-262-2736

• By email: BibleReadingMarathon@hotmail.com     

• By visiting: www.hartfordprayer.com

Only a few slot are still open, you need to sign up now!