Over the last 5-6 years I found myself driving up to Northfield Institute once every summer to walk the grounds of this school and pray.  At first I wasn't sure why I felt drawn to this school.  I knew the history, read about D.L. Moody.  I was familiar with Moody's fame, all that he did through his gift of preaching and evangelism.  I also was familiar with the Student Volunteer Movement, birthed in one of Moody's camp meetings.  This school obviously is a powerful legacy Moody left.  Over the years I was told the school was for sale.  One of my prayers has been there will be someone or a group of ministries who will purchase the school and establish another powerful ministry here.

But I sense something much more powerful happening here than just a historical landmark of one of the great New England moves of God.  

This summer again the Lord drew me up to Northfield not once, but twice.  While there I had an open vision of the Northfield landscape filled with RVs and campers.  Revival had broken out and many thousands came from all over the world to join in this, including myself!  As it was in Moody's day, there will be night & day worship with prayer and preaching & teaching.  Thousands will come; they will pray around their campfires late into the night,  signs and wonders will break out as they pray.  We all can't get enough of the Presence of God!

After I had that vision, my friend Jonathan Friz told me there will be a 24 hour "Jesus" prayer tent set up during the last 5 days of the 10 Days of Prayer, ending with  RESTORE.  


Something is happening here,  you won't want to miss it!

 Take a day off from work, come to Northfield and pray in the next Great Awakening that is about to erupt in New England!


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