The Lord speaks to us in so many ways, so may formats.  Are we listening?  Approximately 1/3 of your life is spent in sleep and in dreaming.  Can it be possible the Lord speaks to you through your dreams? 

What we dream can indicate where we are in our spiritual walk.  We can also be warned through our dreams and visions.  As intercessors, it is important that we learn to tune into our dreams and visions, understand them more fully and have the keys to interpret them.  We also can learn to interpret other's dreams.  Many powerful dreams were interpreted by God's people in the Bible.  A couple examples are: Joseph successfully interpreted Pharoah's dream and as a result, Egypt was saved from famine and his people were protected.  Daniel interpreted the king's dream quite a few times, because of that he became well known across the kingdom.  Can the Lord use us even more powerfully if we understood dreams and had the tools to interpret them?

Join us for the next 8-10 weeks as we explore our dreams and visions, and learn how to understand them.

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