This morning, while I was at prayer, I picked up one of my journals and started to read & pray through prayers I had previously written.  I found this written in my prayer journal, dated 9-22-16. I believe the Lord wants me to share this with you, because you also pray for our peoplr.  Read, pray through, see if this resonates with you:


There is a "Tobiah” spirit in our land. This spirit is writing threatening letters in attempt to stop us from our doing and proclaiming what the Lord has called us to do and proclaim. There are Tobiah and Sanballat systems of fear and intimidation coming against believers. They use the media to try to instill fear in our hearts. They lie about us, even try to make the world believe that what we're doing is illegal and must be stopped. They may be in charge of local government systems, serve in a lower realm. but we have a letter written by the KING.  This letter protects us because the letter gives us authority. We must learn to ignore the threatening letters written by lower legal systems. We serve the KING Who supersedes their authority.

Tobiah is living in the storehouses and he is living there illegally. Just like Nehemiah, we must take the authority given to us. We are to throw his furniture out into the streets and drive him out.

Luke 10:19-20, Matthew 28:18, Romans 13:1.

 Remember, Tobiah is only a spirit, not a person. We have the authority over powers, principalities and strongholds. As intercessors, call for the Nehemiah spirit to rise up and overrule the lower ungodly lawas that are attempting to be forced upon us. Raise up the Gideon's army. Pray the Lord give dreams to our enemy that will scare them. They see we are a weak & fallible people. They see our febble attempts and they mock us. They ridicule us. But it's not "us" they are coming against. They don't see the vastness or the greatness of the Authority of the KING we serve!

Lord, raise up a Davidic spirit among Your people! Raise up a spirit among us that will not look at the smallness or the weakness of who we are - but instead focus on the GREATNESS of the GOD we serve! Raise up a people who will dare to face down these giants in the midst of their ridicule and shout out.....

 "How DARE you mock the people of the Living God?

 Lord, You are greater than these mocking words and You are greater than these illegal laws! Increase awareness in the church the knowledge of the Greatness of who YOU are.

Lord Jesus, Great God Jehovah, You transcend ALL governmental systems! At Your Name every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Chris IS Lord!

 Increase that awareness in all of us, Lord?

• Raise up Your Gideons

• Raise up Your Davids

• Raise up Your Nehemiahs

• Raise up Your Daniels.

• Raise up Your Ezekiels

Let's no longer be afraid of their faces!