School Of Prayer
Monday, May 29, 7-9 PM
South Church (in the chapel)
277 Main Street, Hartford CT

The Moravian Prayer Movement

Tomorrow night we are going to learn about and discuss Count Niklaus von Zinzendorf and the Moravian prayer & evangelism movement. They held 24/7 prayer in their little town of Herrnhut Germany that lasted over 100 years.  We will learn what a powerful impact this movement had on the world, especially on what is now the United States of America.  

All are welcome to join us.  There is no cost for the class, an offering will be taken to cover the cost.



There will be teaching on Evangelism, Intercession, Prophecy, and the Apostolic by those who are called to live this lifestyle.  We will share on how we can partner together to usher in revival in Hartford through the anointing and the love of Jesus Christ.  All are welcome!  This is a free conference, offerings will be taken at every meeting to cover cost.