Below are the prayer points for tomorrow's conference call.  We are shortening the call to 6-7 AM.  To join us, dial: 1-302-202-1108.  Access: 230081.

 SEPTEMBER 27 - You shall not steal.


Leviticus 19:11
Proverbs 22:22
Isaiah 61:8
Habakkuk 2:9
Matthew 19:18
Romans 2:21
Ephesians 4:28


REPENT:   For any kind of thievery that has been done: stealing from work, robbing people of their livelihood.  For stealing time away from loved ones for selfish reasons.           

PRAY:  For financial prosperity to come to the Body of Christ.  Break off that Poverty Spirit .

 PRAY:  For Life Church (Granby) as they host the sixth prayer meeting for the Connecticut 10 Days of Prayer.  May the Lordship and Sovereignty of God be enthroned in the hearts of the people!


PRAY: For Awaken the Dawn New England: 

Pray there will be a powerful representation from Connecticut and all of the other 5 New England states.  Pray the Lord will provide resources and housing for all of us as we contend in prayer and worship for our nation.


Tonight's 10 Day prayer is going to be at LIFE CHURCH in Granby. This is a church that knows how to pray, we need to join them!