Below are the prayer points for tomorrow's conference call.  We are shortening the call to 6-7 AM.  To join us, dial: 1-302-202-1108.  Access: 230081.

 SEPTEMBER 28 - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.


Exodus 20:16
John 14:23
Matthew 15:16-20

REPENT:          Any time you stretched the truth a bit to make yourself look better

                        All of the half-truths and exaggerations the media has promoted    


PRAY:   For the media in our nation, they would promote the uncolored and unvarnished TRUTH, not their own opinions.

 PRAY:  For South Church (Hartford) as they host the seventh prayer meeting for the Connecticut 10 Days of Prayer.  May the Lordship and Sovereignty of God be enthroned in the hearts of the people!

  Pray for AWAKEN THE DAWN - CT as they prepare to travel down to Washington DC and worship and intercede as representatives of our state.


Tonight's 10 Day prayer is going to be at SOUTH CHURCH in Hartford,  House of Good Hope is hosting it.  Please come and join us in prayer for our city, for our state, for our region and for the next prayer movement:  Awaken the Dawn.