“The single biggest attack on the pro-life movement

in Connecticut in the last 25 years has just been launched”

I hear the Lord saying:  “Now gather yourself in troops, oh daughter of troops….” (Micah 5:1)

 We at House of Good Hope are calling for men & women of God in Connecticut to stand up and fight for the rights of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that are under attack in Hartford.  Hartford City Council is now deliberating on passing a law to limit pro-life centers: 

“the city is looking to crack down on faith-driven crisis pregnancy centers.  Under a measure headed for the city council, the so-called anti-abortion centers in Hartford would be required to disclose whether staff members have medical licenses, and would be banned from engaging in false or deceptive advertising practices.  Fines of $100 a day could be levied against centers that violate the ordinance. If adopted, the city’s health and human services department would begin enforcement within 30 days.”  (Hartford Courant, 11-10-17)

 We urge the Connecticut Church to come and stand with us! 

Come to the Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street, Hartford at 5:30pm November 20 and make your voice be heard.

 MOST IMPORTANT:  PRAY for Hartford!

 Below are prayer points written by Christina Bennett from the ABC Women’s Center in Middletown:

Prayers for wisdom and discernment for the Council President Thomas J. Clarke II, Members of the Court of Common Council who will review the ordinance against pregnancy center

Prayers for the truth to be revealed to Mayor Luke Bronin and local and state leaders in CT.

Plans of NARAL Pro-Choice CT and those who plot against pregnancy centers to be exposed and brought to light.

The good works of the CT pregnancy centers to be brought to light.

The church in CT to rally in support of the Pregnancy centers

 "Either Connecticut's pro-life movement stands up and fights the lies of the pro-abortion movement now in Hartford, or this ordinance will be just the beginning of a legal assault on every pregnancy resource center in our state.” (Family Institute of CT)