Now is the time to pray for our state capital and join us at 6:00 pm (allow time to find parking)  this Monday night.....

Hartford City Hall
550 Main Street
Hartford CT 

....and wear YELLOW to show your support

This came from the FAMILY INSTITUTE OF CT:
"We need a big turnout of Connecticut pro-lifers on Monday (Nov. 20th) to ask the Hartford City Council to oppose an unconstitutional proposed ordinance that would compel pregnancy care centers to post a sign. The sign's real purpose is to discourage pregnant women from ever listening to the centers.

By requiring this only of pregnancy centers and not of abortion clinics, Hartford would be discriminating against pro-life speakers because of their viewpoint. This attempt at coerced speech violates the pregnancy centers' freedom of speech and right to due process.

Similar laws have been struck down by the courts at great cost to the municipalities that enacted them.  Given how Hartford only recently threatened bankruptcy unless it received money from state taxpayers, it would be wiser for the city not to embark down the path of costly litigation by passing this ordinance. Especially now, when the Supreme Court is considering a similar law. Why not at least wait until the high court rules?

FIC needs your help in two ways:

1) Please email the Hartford City Council members by clicking the link at the bottom of this message and ask them to vote NO.

2) Please join us at Hartford City Hall on Monday, Nov. 20th at 6 pm.

More information is available via the link below. We will be updating it with parking info, etc, as we learn more. Thank you!

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Monday, November 27
7:00 PM
South Church (in the chapel)
277 Main Street, Hartford

Olga is an intercessory missionary based in International House of Prayer, Kansas City MO.  She also is an evangelist, works as part of the Kansas City Evangelists ministry.  Olga's home is Connecticut, and even though she's based at IHOPKC, she is constantly praying for us!  House of Good Hope supports her with our prayers as well as financially as well as several other Connecticut churches, ministries and individuals.

Come and hear her share with us!