You are invited to join our weekly Tabernacle Prayer meetings.  We meet every Monday night from 7-9pm.  Each week we:

• Enter the Gates of Praise

• Empty our burdens at the Altar of Sacrifice

• Ask the Lord to cleanse us at the Bronze Laver

• Go for the infilling of Holy Spirit at the Golden Lampstand

• Commune with the Lord at the Table of Showbread

• Intercede at the Altar of Incense

Come and experience ad deeper sense of the Lord with us!




6pm Sunday, March 1

You are invited to join us at our monthly LoveFeasts.  Patterned after the first century church services, we come together to praise and worship, fellowship, share a meal and hear a short teaching.  Email us at hartfordprayer@gmail.com and bring a dish to pass.



5pm Saturday, April 11

The Lord's Supper, or communion was taken from this ancient Hebrew feast.  You are welcome to come and learn how  it is significant to believers in Jesus, how it all points to our Lord and Savior.  There is a $10 donation to cover cost of this meal.  The space is limited, make your reservations as soon as possible.  Contact us at hartfordprayer@gmail.com for reservations.