End of Year Summary Report

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

2020 has been quite an eventful year in all ways.  I remember there were some powerful prophetic words declared when this year began.  This is certainly a pivotal year, but not in the way we expected!  Who knew we would be facing a worldwide pandemic in 2020?  Several years ago I kept seeing huge tsunamis in the Spirit as I prayed.  For some reason, I now think this may one of the “tsunamis” I kept seeing!  Tsunamis have incredible ways of changing and rearranging landscapes, and our “landscape” has certainly dramatically changed this year.  Everyone now keeps talking about the “new normal”.

In a weird way, this pandemic and the resulting isolation was an answer to my prayer.  I desperately needed a time of quiet, seeking the Lord in a deeper way.  There has been a deep hunger growing inside me for more of God, yet I never seemed to find enough time to press in and pray. Up to now, I was always too busy either with work, ministry, or family.  But the Lord has His ways of shutting us down and closing us in.  Over these past several months I enjoyed spending hours alone with the Lord.  There were many times I admit when I didn’t enjoy it so much and as with others, I struggled with loneliness.  But on the whole, this time of isolation has been an intense growing season for me, making me more sensitive to the moves of God: what is of God and what is not.

 This year has also been a season of tremendous growth for House of Good Hope.  New people have joined us as well as people who used to be part of us are now coming back!  Earlier this year, our advisor asked me how I was doing during this time?  I jokingly told him it takes a pandemic to grow a prayer ministry! 

 House of Good Hope is now holding prayer meetings every day except Sunday, when we go to church and spend time with our families.  This has been my heart’s cry since I moved to Hartford 13 years ago.  I kept seeing 7 day a week prayer going on in our state capital, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t keep it going.  Now it’s beginning to happen!   It's happening mostly on Zoom, we always use the same link for all of our prayer meetings:



Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792

• Six days a week a growing close-knit prayer community has been regularly meeting to pray virtually since the pandemic hit us last March.  We shared our fears & vulnerabilities with one another as well as praying about all of the unrest going on in the world.  There have been times when we prayed as many as 3 times in one day.  Almost all of our ministry has become virtual, through Zoom or Facebook Messenger. We doubled in growth, possibly more.  We’ve seen incredible salvations, healings, infilling of Holy Spirit and deliverances more than ever!

• We transferred our weekly Tabernacle prayer meetings to virtual until last June, then met weekly at South Church throughout the summer.  Since October we’re now back to virtual because of the covid spikes, will continue virtually until January 2021.  We held 3 half-days of Tabernacle Prayer Encounters at The Well in Plainville, each one much more powerful than the first!  The Lord has been taking us on a journey into tremendous face-to-face encounters through this prayer format.  Since we’ve been praying through the Tabernacle over the last 3 years, we’ve seen incredible growth and miracles in all of us: increasing dreams & visions, powerful healings, birthing of ministries, etc.  There is an expectancy and joy every time we meet.  Prayer is certainly not boring here!  And I sense this is only the beginning.  More is still to come!

• We pray weekly for Israel and for our home state of Connecticut.

• We held two 24-hour Zoom prayer watches; one on Passover and one on Yom Kippur. 

• Every Saturday night we partner with Spirit & Truth, a young prophetic ministry and we hold what we call “Encouragement Rooms” via Zoom.  My friend Charles McCarthy and I thought it would be good for us to join together to minister to our local friends in this time of crisis with prayer, prophecy and encouraging words.  Little did we know this would very soon become worldwide!  Between 35-50 people join us weekly from around the world. We are now ministering to people in South Korea, Zambia, Pakistan and Nepal as well as our friends in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas.   There is no preaching, not even worship.  All we do is nothing but pray for and encourage one another, each evening lasting at least 3-4 hours.   Friendships are made, people continue to connect with one another throughout the week either privately or in our Facebook Messenger chat room.  So many prayer requests posted, and so many prayers powerfully answered! All this is done with little advertising, mostly just word of mouth.  At least two Friday afternoons we joined with a young adult ministry in Zambia to pray together via Zoom. Our African friends prayed for us and we prayed for them.  The friendships have made us all so much richer!

• We’re doing evangelistic outreaches, both in Hartford and supporting those around the world.  And most of this has been done from our computers or tablets while sitting at home!  As one who loves to explore the world, little did I know I would be “traveling” through my laptop!

We are now talking with the leaders at South Church, asked if we could rent a room in their building to establish a prayer room.  No decisions have yet been made, we would greatly appreciate your prayers in this.  We believe this is the time for House of Good Hope to multiply and grow. 

Please pray about partnering with us as this house of prayer develops and grows in God’s Kingdom?  What can the Lord do with a group of sold-out believers stoking the fires of intercession from Connecticut’s state capital?  Our vision statement is this: We exist to change the atmosphere and bring in the Glory of God through worship, prayer and intercession.  Can you help us fulfill this vision?

All donations will be gratefully received either through our website: https://hartfordprayer.com/become-a-sustainer/ or you can send a check to:

P.O. Box 4042
Hartford CT 06147-4042

In HIM we live and move and have our being…..

Pastor Audrey Church McIntyre
House of Good Hope – Hartford House of Prayer


Weekly House of Good Hope schedule:

MONDAYS: 7-9pm Tabernacle Prayer on Zoom until 2021:

MONDAYS THRU SATURDAYS: Noontime Zoom prayer

WEDNESDAYS: 6am Prayer for Israel via Zoom

SATURDAYS:    6am Prayer for Connecticut via Zoom
                           7pm Encouragement Room via Zoom




Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792
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