This past year has been one exciting year!

2020 brought in so many changes for all of us.  Some were wonderful, some have been absolutely awful.  One wonderful thing that happened in our house is that our ministry grew tremendously once we went virtual!  We are now praying 6 days a week, some days we pray at least twice a day.  We doubled the number of committed intercessors, and our new Encouragement Room brought in prayer partners from across the world.  We now pray regularly with friends in Zambia, South Korea, Nepal, Pakistan - just to name a few countries.  Because of our great success, we decided to continue holding virtual prayer meetings even after the covid pandemic ends.  It is our goal to raise up and develop virtual prayer rooms within this Prayer House to increase the intensity of worship, prayer and intercession.  But continuing to hold virtual prayer as well as holding live prayer meetings will take a lot of work and coordination.  Someone is needed to help oversee the virtual prayer.  We are now raising up a leader who is more than capable to do this. 

 I'd like to introduce you to Doreen Bennett.

Doreen was born in Hartford,CT.  She has been widowed, in love with her Lord Jesus. She has always been a person of prayer from her youth. She was baptised in 1980 and spirit baptised in 1994. She served the Body of Christ as intercessor, teacher, counselor, seer and lover of God and His children. Her vision is and always has been to serve the Body of Christ for works of ministry and to follow her Lord forever.

Starting Monday, January 4, 2021 Doreen will take care of the oversight of both the noontime Zoom prayer and the Saturday evening Encouragement Room.  It is our goal to grow the virtual house of prayer to be as strong and vital as our local house of prayer. We are no longer "local", we are now building a nationwide house of prayer ministry!   Doreen, with her maturity, strong leadership skills and her eagerness to learn to use technology, will be a great asset in the growth of our prayer house.  Please welcome our dear sister as she takes this role of Oversight Manager of Virtual Prayer!  She is truly an answer to prayer!


2020 is almost over!

Tomorrow is the last day to make tax deductible gifts to the ministries you support.  Can you help us build this House of Prayer?  You can donate through our website, click on DONATE to take you to our page.

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Weekly House of Good Hope schedule:

MONDAYS: 7-9pm Tabernacle Prayer via Zoom

MONDAYS THRU SATURDAYS: Noontime Zoom prayer

WEDNESDAYS: 6am Prayer for Israel via Zoom

SATURDAYS:    6am Prayer for Connecticut via Zoom
                           7pm Encouragement Room via Zoom



Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792