When the covid-19 pandemic hit our state last March, our friend Charles McCarthy asked if we could partner together to start a virtual prayer group with the focus to just pray for, encourage and offer a prophetic word for our friends.  We both know there are a lot of hurting confused people out there who may need that word to carry them through these trying times.  We thought maybe, possibly through both of our ministries we'd attract our local friends and acquaintances.  Little did we know this would go worldwide, and we ended up praying for and making friends with people living in far-off nations!  As of now, there are 245 joining us in the Encouragement, each day more come to join us.

Charles now feels the call to minister elsewhere.  Last Saturday night we had an awesome time praying for and blessing his family, releasing them all to the next season in their lives.  He's been a great friend and ministry colleague.

 But the Encouragement Room is not ending!  It is now taking a new direction with more of us coming to the forefront and continue with the encouraging word, prayer and prophetic word. 

Starting tonight we will re-launch the Encouragement Room.  Please come and join us.  We meet from 7pm until 9, 10, or even later if there's a need to pray.

Use the Zoom link to join us:  


Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792

To help keep us praying, you can donate to House of Good Hope through this link:


Checks also can be sent to:

P.O. Box 4042
Hartford CT 06147-4042


Weekly House of Good Hope schedule:

MONDAYS: 7-9pm Tabernacle Prayer  via Zoom

MONDAYS THRU SATURDAYS: Noontime Zoom prayer

WEDNESDAYS: 6am Prayer for Israel via Zoom

SATURDAYS:    6am Prayer for Connecticut via Zoom
                           7pm Encouragement Room via Zoom




Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792
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