This book is an introduction to a specific prayer format using the Tabernacle as our model that will bring you into the Throne Room of God through praise, prayer, worship and intercession. This will bring you into a deeper experience with the Lord using an ancient blueprint that was given to Moses from the Lord God Adonai, as described in Exodus 24-40.  May the Lord build you into a House of Prayer!



Weekly House of Good Hope schedule:

MONDAYS: 7-9pm Tabernacle Prayer at South Church, 277 Main St. Hartford CT

MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS: Noontime Zoom prayer

WEDNESDAYS: 6am Prayer for Israel via Zoom

SATURDAYS:    6am Prayer for Connecticut via Zoom
                           7pm Encouragement Room via Zoom - FIRST Saturdays of the month




Meeting ID: 970 879 276
Password: 168792
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(from Audrey McIntyre) 
The Lord has led me to take a huge step of faith as I lead this prayer house.  As of Friday, September 3 I will leave my job and fully trust in the Lord to be my Provider.  It's a huge step of faith, but the Lord revealed to me He is a better "Employer" than where I've been working for the past 20 years (it was a good company).  The Lord told me "a worker is worthy of his hire" I Timothy 5:18.  As this prayer house grows, it our goal to have the ability of putting more intercessors on paid staff.

I've been asked how can donations be made to House of Good Hope? Because 90% of our prayer meetings are now on Zoom, there's no way to pass the offering basket and people forget to donate.  

If you believe in what we're doing in ministry and feel called to sow into us,  click on the links below to send a one-time donation.  Better yet, set up a recurring donation account!  

Here is the link:

THRU OUR WEBSITE - https://hartfordprayer.com/become-a-sustainer/