It’s so interesting how the Lord takes us on these wild, wonderful and sometimes scary adventures as we journey with Him through the Kingdom.  In 2001, while I was sitting in my prayer room, I suddenly had an open vision of a beautiful 24/7 house of prayer in a grand old mansion somewhere in Hartford.  People were continually coming in and out – some came to pray, some came to receive prayer.  This was a place of refreshment and retreat for some; a place where they could come before work, during their lunch hour or after work to meet with God.  They would find His Presence, be strengthened, encouraged and healed as they would meet the stresses of their day.  Others would come because they were drawn to intercede for people, communities, cities and for regions.  They would meet with other like-hearted intercessors to pierce the heavens with their prayers.  The very atmosphere would change because of their intercession.  Then others would come to worship God.  They would bring their instruments and spend hours, days, months, years pulling heaven down to earth with their worship.  All this would go on in a grand old mansion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No matter what time, people would know these doors were open for prayer, always available for those who longed to meet with God.

 House of Good Hope was born in a little house on Brown Street, certainly not in a grand old mansion.  The house was small and shabby, needed a lot of work.  But as a few of us worshipped and prayed, there was such a sweet presence of God!  Some who came in had open visions of angels.  We were asked what went on in that little house, there was such a sweet sense of peace and God’s presence there!  But the house was too small and needed too much work to maintain. We had to let go of the house in 2014.

 This past year we’ve been seeking the Lord on what to do.  South Congregational Church generously loaned us space to meet in their church, of which we will always be eternally grateful.  We developed a wonderful friendship with the church, which we hope to maintain.

 But God is a God of “suddenlies”!  Suddenly space was made available for us…..in a grand old mansion on Farmington Avenue!  As we looked and prayed about this space, it was made evident to us the Lord wanted House of Good Hope located in a place of grandeur, not in a shabby little house on the south end of Hartford.  We needed a larger space, a place where we didn’t have to worry about roofs or windows leaking, where we wouldn’t be overcrowded because of tiny rooms.  We needed a place with room to grow as this house of prayer grows and develops.  As we pray for the transformation of our city, we needed to be reminded of Hartford’s grandness as it once was…..and as the Lord desires to restore His way.  Starting in June, House of Good Hope will be located at 360 Farmington Avenue, Hartford. This grand old mansion, the Storrs House, is next to Immanuel Congregational Church, across the street from the Mark Twain Center.  There is a small parking lot behind the mansion, you can also park in the church parking lot.  We invite you to sow into this new season of House of Good Hope. 

Partner with us in building this house of prayer in Connecticut’s capital city?



We're partnering with Sparrow Ministries April 25

There is a marvelous new ministry in the city!  Every Saturday morning from 6-9am teams of friendly, energetic believers serve breakfast to the homeless & forgotten on the streets of Hartford outside of South Church, 277 Main Street.  Teams of prayer warriors pray for them, worship leaders are out with their instruments,praising and worshipping the Lord while the people are eating breakfast. Such a joyous atmosphere is created that many have given their lives to Jesus just by their coming for breakfast!

We at House of Good Hope are volunteering to partner with Sparrow Ministries Saturday morning, April 25.  Contact us either via email or call us at 860-540-4644 if you'd like to join us.




We will have a display table at this conference!

A learning community on mission together to see the Kingdom come to Connecticut!  As intercessors for Connecticut, you are strongly encouraged to attend this conference, this isn't something you want to miss.  Go to the website to register:  www.impactconnecticut.com/impact-connecticut-2015


Gather 7 of your friends, church group, Bible study partners, or co-workers and join with us for 2 hours as we read the entire Bible on the steps of the State Capitol building.  

Click on the poster to the right for more information.  The calendar is now posted,and the slots are filling up fast.  Now is the time to claim your spot if you want to join us.



April 12 & April 26, 4-6 pm

Starting in April, we will meet for prayer twice a month, not just monthly.  Harp & bowl prayer and intercession will now be the 2nd and the 4th Sunday of each month.  For the past 3 months the prayer meetings have been well-attended and gloriously filled  of the Presence of God, now is the time to increase the meetings.  Join us in April as we pray for Hartford, for Connecticut, for the New England region, for our country, for the world.  Zack & Becky Mitchell, our worship leaders, have been leading us powerfully into God's Presence.



 Mondays, 7-9pm
South Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford

We are now studying the book, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  All are welcome!  



International House of Prayer, Kansas City  offers a  monthly 8-day training called IMMERSE.  This offers an "immersion" of the lifestyle of 24/7 prayer.  On May 16-23 the teaching will be on "Building a House of Prayer".   This is a practical training on how to build a prayer ministry using the IHOPKC model of worship and intercession.  Seven of us want to go for the training, including a family of five. This money will pay for our tuition and housing the 8 days we are there.

Approximately $1716 has now been collected.

Two of us now have our class, plane tickets and hotel paid for.  Thank you all for your generosity!  But we want to bring our worship leaders with us along with their children!  Classes are offered for the children to also learn how to become intercessors, as well as training for the adults.  This is a powerful opportunity for this whole family. 

In order for all of us to go, we need at least $5000, or $3284 more.

To donate, go to our website http://hartfordprayer.com/become-a-sustainer/

or  http://www.gofundme.com/hartfordprayer-com

 Many thanks for helping us establish this house of prayer in our state capital!