April 25 Outreach  with Sparrow Ministries

We at House of Good Hope are volunteering to partner with Sparrow Ministries this Saturday morning, April 25.  We are helping serve breakfast to the homeless, and do a little worship on the church's front steps.  Some of us will practice the "Isaiah 58 fast":  we will fast our breakfast as we serve breakfast to those who normally may not get breakfast.   Join us from 6-9 am at South Congregational Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford.  


One of the main prayer strategoes is the call to the Connecticut Church, connect together as one body of believers:  "Bring the Whole Gospel through the Whole Church to the whole state".  This is in response to one of many prophetic words for Connecticut - the call to become the "Connector state".

 Pray for this strategic gathering at Vertical Church and plan to attend to pray onsite.

House of Good Hope will have a display table there, come, visit us?


There are slots still open!  Gather 7 of your friends and sign up to take a 2 hour slot for this year's Bible Reading Marathon.

Click on the poster to the right for more information.  The calendar is now posted,and the slots are filling up fast.  Now is the time to claim your spot if you want to join us.



This Sunday, April 26, 4-6 pm

Join us as we pray for Hartford, for Connecticut, for the New England region, for our country, for the world.  Zack & Becky Mitchell, our worship leaders, will lead us powerfully into God's Presence.



 Mondays, 7-9pm
South Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford

We are now studying the book, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  

New Class starting June 1:  Communion with God - The Art of Hearing God's Voice

All are welcome!  



International House of Prayer, Kansas City  offers a  monthly 8-day training called IMMERSE.  This offers an "immersion" of the lifestyle of 24/7 prayer.  

On May 16-23 two of us have our trips paid for to attend the class: "Building a House of Prayer".   This is a practical training on how to build a prayer ministry using the IHOPKC model of worship and intercession.

The Mitchell family are planning to go for the training in October. So far approximately $2,000 has been collected for the Mitchell family's trip, we will need at least $1500 more.  Help us send this wonderful family of five to IHOPKC next fall?  The school has classes for the entire family, both adults and the children.

To donate, go to our website http://hartfordprayer.com/become-a-sustainer/

or  http://www.gofundme.com/hartfordprayer-com

 Many thanks for helping us establish this house of prayer in our state capital!