Click on the poster to the right for more information.  The calendar is now full, but we ask you to come join us.  Pray for us, cheer us on?  Let the legislators, governor, lobbyists and those who work in the State Capitol see there is a strong Christian presence in Connecticut.  Let's be a witness to God's Glory as we read the Word at our state seat of government.  It's one of the most powerful things you can do! 



Sunday, May 10, 2-4 pm
East Steps, Connecticut State Capitol

This week we're joining the Bible Reading Marathon, will be at the State Capitol reading the Bible for 2 hours.  Join us?

* Next harp & bowl will be Sunday, MAY 31 from 4-6 pm.



Mondays, 7-9pm

South Church,
277 Main Street, Hartford

On MAY 11 we will be at the State Capitol from 8-10pm reading the Bible during the Bible Reading Marathon.

We are now studying the book, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  We've had quite a bit of lively dialogue as we discuss the lifestyle of an intercessor.  Our last class will be Monday, May 25.

New Class starting June 1:  COMMUNION WITH GOD - 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice
Wouldn't it be wonderful to clearly hear God's voice every single day for the rest of your life?  This is possible, and  is promised by Jesus.  Discover divine patterns for approaching God and four vital keys that will allow you to clearly hear His voice every day.  Learn how to discern God's voice from other voices which clamor for your attention.  Record what God reveals to you using two-way journaling.  You will experience Jesus' promise that "My sheep hear My voice...." (John 10:27).

$50 for 10 week course

All are welcome!  



About 50 mugs were ordered to give away for $10 donations at the IMPACT CT conference last weekend.  Over $110 was raised!  We still have several mugs available.  For at least a $10 donation, the mug can be yours!  Great reminder to spend time with the Lord in prayer as  you drink your morning coffee.  

All proceeds go to our new location.



International House of Prayer, Kansas City offers a  monthly 8-day training called IMMERSE.  This is an  "immersion" in the lifestyle of 24/7 prayer.  For 8 days we will be living as intercessory missionaries, preparing and strengthening us as we establish House of Good Hope in Hartford.

Two weeks from now, 3 of us will fly out to attend the class: "Building a House of Prayer".   This is a practical training on how to build a prayer ministry using the IHOPKC model of worship and intercession.

Thank you all who made this possible for us!  

Help us send our worship leaders to the same training?  We are now raising money to send the Mitchell family to the October training. So far almost $2600 has been collected!  Many thanks for your generous donations.  Please help us send this wonderful family of five to IHOPKC for training next fall?  The school offers classes for the entire family, both adults and the children.  We all will be taught how to live the lifestyle of intimacy with the Lord and the lifestyle of prayer as a family.

To donate, go to our website http://hartfordprayer.com/become-a-sustainer/

or  http://www.gofundme.com/hartfordprayer-com

If you prefer to send a check, our address is:

House of Good Hope, Inc.
P.O. Box 4042
Hartford CT 06147-4042

 Many thanks for helping us establish this house of prayer in our state capital!