New Prayer Meeting!

 Thursday nights 7-9pm
House of Good Hope
107 Forster St #2, Hartford

We are holding contemplative soaking prayer every Thursday night. Soaking prayer is about experiencing intimacy with God. Through this kind of contemplative prayer, we set apart regular time exclusively to spend with our Heavenly Father. Intimacy with God begins when we diligently pursue Him with our whole heart. Soaking prayer is time set aside for dedication to the Lord and to declare to Him that “You are my one thing.” It is a promise to God that "this time is set aside just for you." Soaking prayer is an invitation to the Father, declaring "God, do what you want to in me. Here I am. I am yours, and you are mine." All are invited to join us.


Harp & Bowl Prayer
Sunday, June 14 

House of Good Hope
107 Forster Street #2
Hartford CT 06106

Prayer every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month  using the "harp & bowl" format of worship and intercession as described in Revelation 5:8-10 and modeled at the International House of Prayer, Kansas City MO (www.ihopkc.org).  The Harp and Bowl style of worship, which features musical prayer, derives its name from Revelation 5:8, which describes heavenly creatures which each "had a harp" and "were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints."

A common feature of harp and bowl worship is antiphonal singers, who use the Bible as a song book along with spontaneous instrumental accompaniment.

This style can sustain long periods of worship - for instance, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City has used this method of worship to sustain a prayer meeting since September 1999.

Zack & Becky Mitchell - worship and prayer leaders.

It's not too late to join us!