SEPTEMBER 13-23, 2015

The 10 Days initiative has been birthed in a visionary call from the Lord to his church. Every year until the Lord returns, on the ten days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, the Lord is calling his people to unite in worship and in repentance and prayer to see His kingdom come to our needy communities and to speed the Lord’s return to our troubled world. We have watched this movement grow the past few years as more and more cities and states have “signed on” to the vision.

As part of this national and statewide prayer initiative, we are coordinating as many Hartford churches to join with us in covering our state capital in continuous prayer during these 10 days. Would you like to join with us in this prayer effort? This would be a commitment to host and lead at least one 2-hour prayer meeting in your church or house of worship any day during the JEWISH TEN DAYS OF AWE (Sunday, September 13 through Wednesday, September 23).

What would it look like if there was continuous prayer for Hartford....in Hartford......during the Jewish 10 Days of Awe? With your help, it can be done! To host a prayer meeting in your church or ministry, send an email to hartfordprayer@gmail.com or call or text 860-716-0247.



We're going to do some prayer evangelism these next couple weeks!  This Monday, August 17 we're meeting in the South Church parking lot at 7pm.  Last Monday night we made some "Blessing Bags", plan to hand them out to our friends who hang out at South Green Park.  All are welcome to join us! 



Here is a letter from Rebecca Mitchell:

Our big news: We feel led as a family to join the staff of DAVID’S TENT in Washington, DC this fall for at least a 1 year commitment between September 2015-November 2016. 

 Since May, 2013 we’ve served at House of Good Hope / Hartford House of Prayer in Hartford, Connecticut.   Last summer (2014), the Lord led us to begin homeschooling all 3 of our children with the hope of moving & going wherever He moves us in His timing.  God called us to have flexibility to go & minister as a family, to where He sends us.


 “David’s Tent DC is a gathering place for the Church of America to publicly worship Jesus from the highest point of our nation – the grounds of the National Mall in Washington DC. We are inspired by King David, who pitched a tent near his palace and hired more than 4,000 worshipers to minister to the Lord there continually throughout David’s 33 year reign. David made worship central for his nation, and it brought blessing on the whole nation. In like manner, the cry of our hearts is to minister to the Lord, day and night, in worship from our Capital City. The same presence of the Lord that was in the Ark is now in us as the body of Christ! Our desire is to make a statement to our generation that Jesus is Lord and should be enthroned above every area of our lives and nation. Psalm 22:3 states, “Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.” David’s Tent is about defining a culture that is centered around publicly honoring Jesus. We want to see worship in public spaces become the norm, not a special event. Amos 9:11 speaks of the restoration of the fallen Tent of David, meaning that a descendant of David would once again be on the throne. This is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who has been crowned King of the Ages! David’s Tent DC is a national confession that Jesus is Lord of America and that we receive Him as such.

A new normal is being set—that America’s capital city will be known as the place where the nation gathers to worship Jesus...” (As shared on the website:  www.davidstentdc.org)


As part of the staff of David’s tent, we will be serving both inside & outside the tent during our time as a family. We may be required to spend at least 3 hours at the tent daily.

 Some of the staff duties include:

• checking in the bands that come,

• keeping the tent neat and orderly,

• greeting guests,

• dealing with law enforcement and park service personnel,

• keeping watch over the tent as security

• filling in any empty worship slots that remain un-booked.

 As a family, we are excited to serve in many different ways and lead worship while we are there too! We get to be a part of a 10,000 hour love song beginning at 7pm on September 11th, 2015! The song will run continuously through the presidential Election day, November 8th, 2016:  424 days!!!


This open door for us to go to DC came upon us rather quickly but God has been preparing us for this transition in several ways for some time.  We are very excited to join David's tent to serve, to minister and to be a light for his Kingdom.  We love to pray His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We know this is just the beginning of where God is calling us and we are excited for all the amazing awesome things God has planned. May Jesus be completely glorified!!! Amen!!

 Would you consider prayerfully supporting our family through prayer and/or a financial donation?

We are weighing all the costs involved with being a part of a ministry like this: the daily traveling costs to the tent, daily expenses toward the ministry & various other living costs in the DC area. If you would like to contribute, here is our Go Fund Me page: http://www.gofundme.com/hartfordprayer-com

We are now preparing our home to be sold. Pray for a quick transition & for it to be purchased quickly.

Zack is getting ready to leave the military after 21 years this fall, will need a job in the DC area. Pray for open doors?

Pray for a smooth transition & adjustment with home school for our family.

 Thank you for your support & prayers for our family!!  God Bless you always!

Our Love to you,

The Mitchell Family ~Zack, Becky, Grace, David & Anna

To support the Mitchell Family in this new adventure, go to: http://www.gofundme.com/hartfordprayer-com to donate.