Love New York.....

".....is part of an emerging national movement to re-evangelize America. We are a group of evangelists from different cities who God has ignited to mobilize the church to first love intimacy with Jesus and the harvest.
We live in the marriage of the Great Commandments (love God and love people) and the Great Commission (preach the gospel and make disciples). We believe that in order to reach our city with the gospel we are going to need help from other cities.
Darkness and persecution are increasing we believe God is also pouring out His Spirit upon those who are willing to go. We believe God wants to prepare His church for her most glorious hour. This will require sacrifice, humility and unity at unprecedented levels but we sense a great hunger for more than church-as-usual coming from the hearts of God's people. That is why we are reaching out to you. In the last year we have partnered with houses of prayer and local churches in Kansas City, Minneapolis and Los Angeles mobilizing dozens of ministries in each city to reach thousands of people and in the process the church is experiencing transformation. The Word of God isn't just a book to be read but an adventure to be lived out experientially. Jesus wants to take over New York City one heart at a time and He wants to partner with us to do it. We believe God is asking us to join Him for a divine experiment this Fall. What would happen if for an entire week we completely abandoned ourselves to heaven? No busyness. No entertainment. No excuses. Just the Kingdom of God. 24/7 worship and prayer (just like in heaven) combined with 24/7 mission (sending out teams just like in the book of acts filled with the power and purposes of God). What might happen? We think that the destiny of a city and even a nation could change. We are burning with a holy desire for another great awakening born in the place of worship and prayer and overflowing into the harvest fields.


Jesus is worthy. That's a great reason. It's also a biblical pattern. David hired 4,000 singers and musicians to minister to God night and day before the Ark of the Covenant. Throughout Israel's history during times of revival this Davidic style of worship was reinstituted. Jesus taught us to pray that God's will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. What is going on in heaven? Continuous worship and adoration. We believe that establishing altars of 24/7 worship and prayer change the spiritual atmosphere of cities and prepare hearts to receive the gospel message.


Jesus is worthy. How about that for a reason? If there is a day of judgment coming and time is running out and many still don't know the Lord isn't 24/7 outreach a reasonable response in light of eternity? We think so and we think God thinks so. We were in New York in January and our team noticed lots of things are going on 24/7 in the city. 24/7 news. 24/7 restaurants. 24/7 entertainment. We even found a 24/7 gym. What finally sealed it for us was the 24/7 tire repair service. The world has already caught the revelation that in the last days things are going to increase in intensity. Why wouldn't we who have the knowledge of the only hope of the nations not testify about Jesus night and day until He returns?"


House of Good Hope is partnering with this outreach ministry, and we covet your prayers!  We would appreciate your sowing into this to help with our costs. One of us is joining with a group from Wellspring Church this Friday, October 30 thru Sunday, November 1. Besides praying at the prayer furnace at Justice House of Prayer in Manhattan, we will also be evangelizing in the subways, possibly in Chinatown.  We are now discussing the possibility of sending a group the following Saturday to go and help serve at the King's Banquet. This luxurious banquet will serve the homeless in NYC.

All donations can be made either through Pay Pal on the House of Good Hope website, or you can send checks to:

P.O. Box 4042
Hartford CT 06147-4042

** For more information on Love New York, go to their website: http://lovenewyork247.com/


Monday night School of Prayer:  DO YOU TRUST ME?  

7-9 PM
South Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford

Tomorrow night we will meet again to pick up where we left off.  October 26 class is called:

Ron Johnson will be facilitating this class.  

No need to sign up, all are welcome!
**Please note, because we are using a church in downtown Hartford, the doors are locked.  If you come late, please call 860-716-0247 and someone will come to let you in.