Starting Monday, November 16

Next 12 Mondays 7-9 PM
House of Good Hope
107 Forster Street, #2
Hartford CT 06106

This DVD teaching by Mike Bickle systematically covers the subject of the Bride of Christ, starting in Genesis and working through the Scripture to Revelation.  This 12 week series begins by outlining one of God's ultimate purposes for creation: to prepare the Bride as Jesus' eternal companion.  Mutual wholehearted love reveals His commitment to us - to share His heart, throne, secrets and beauty with us.  Mutual wholeheartedness is the foundation for intimate partnership with Jesus, as the First Commandment takes first place in our lives.  This teaching describes a position of great privilege for the redeemed before God.

This offers us deeper understanding of our covenant relationship with Jesus, it is the next step to understanding the depth and richness on the teaching of the greatness of Jesus' love for us as described in the Song of Solomon.  

All are welcome to join us!