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ANACONDIA, Carlos –  Listen to me Satan!
BICKLE, Mike – Passion for Jesus; 7 Longings of the Human Heart; Growing in the Prophetic; Loving God; Growing in Prayer
BOUNDS, E.M. – Complete Works on Prayer
CAMPBELL, Wes & Stacey – Praying the Bible
CHAVDA, Mahesh & Bonnie – Watch of the Lord
CHO, David Yonghi Prayer: – Key to Revival
COPELAND, Germaine – Call to Prayer
DAWSON, John – Taking Our Cities For God
EASTMAN, Dick – Intercessory Worship; Change the World School of Prayer; Intercessory Worship
ECKHARDT. John – Prayers That Rout Demons; Prayers That Release Heaven on Earth
FINNEY, Charles – Keys to Revival
FLOYD, Ronnie The Power of Prayer & Fasting
FOSTER, Richard – Celebration of Discipline; Prayer: Hearts True Home
FRANGIPANE, Francis – The Three Battlegrounds; This Day We Fight!
GARLOCK & SHERRER – Spiritual Warriors Prayer Guide
GOLL, James – The Seer;  Lost Art of Intercession
GRIEG, Pete – Red Moon Rising; 24-7 Prayer Manual
GRUBB, Norman – Rees Howells, Intercessor
GUNTER, Sylvia – Prayer Portions Blessing Your Spirit
GUYON, Mdme. Jeanne- Experiencing God Through Prayer; Song of the Bride
HAGIN, Kenneth – Understanding the Anointing
HAMMOND, Frank – Pigs in the Parlor
HAMON, Bill – Day of the Saints
HENDERSON, Robert  -Operating in the Courts of Heaven
HERZOG, David – Glory Invasion
HESS, Tom – The Watchmen
JACKSON, John Paul – Needless Casualties of War
JOHNSON, Bill – Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind
JOYNER, Rick – The Final Quest
KENDALL, R.T. – The Anointing
LAMB, Joy – Sword & the Spirit
LILLEY, James – The Key is in the Closet
LOZANO, Neal – Unbound
MILLER, Ed – Thy God Reigns
M’INTYRE, David – The Hidden Life of Prayer
MULINDE, John – Set Apart for God
MURRAY, Andrew – The Ministry of Intercession
OTIS JR., George – Twilight Labryinth; Transformations Videos
OTTO, Christ John An Army Arising; Bezalel: Redeeming a Renegade Creation
PAYNE, Leanne –  Listening Prayer
PENNINGTON, M. Basil – Lectio Dvina
PETRIE, Alistair – Releasing Heaven on Earth
PIERCE, Chuck – Re-ordering Your Day, When God Speaks, Worship Warrior, God’s Unfolding Battleplan
PRATNEY, Winkie – Fire on the Horizon; Heal the Land
PRINCE, Derek – Shaping History Thru Prayer & Fasting
ROUNTREE, Anna – Heaven Awaits the Bride
RUSSELL, Corey – The Glory Within; Pursuit of the Holy
SANFORD, John & Paula  -The Elijah Task; Deliverance & Inner Healing
SHANNON, Jill – Prophetic Calendar to Feasts of Israel
SHAW, Gwen – Unconditional Surrender; Redeeming the Land
SHEETS, Dutch – Intercessory Prayer; Authority in Prayer; History Makers;  Appeal to Heaven
SILVOSO, Ed – That None Shall Perish
SMITH, Alice & Eddie – Beyond The Veil; Spiritual Housecleaning
SPANGLER, Ann – Praying the Names of God; Praying the Names of Jesus
ST. AUGUSTINE – Confessions
TAYLOR, Wade – The Secret of the Stairs
TENNEY, Tommy – God Chasers
THERESA OF AVILA – The Interior Castle; Autobiography
TORREY, R.A. – Power-Filled Living
TOWNS, Elmer – Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough Biblical Meditation
TOZER, A.W. – Pursuit of God; Knowledge of the Holy
TRIMM, Cindy – Rules of Engagement
VINCENT, Alan – Heaven On Earth; Kingdom At War
VIRKLER, Mark – 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice; Prayers That Heal the Heart
WALLIS, Arthur – Pray in the Spirit
WIENS, Gary – Bridal Intercession
WIMBER, John – Power Healing; Power Evangelism; When the Spirit Comes
YUN, Brother – The Heavenly Man


Connecticut Capitol Prayer Network
Kingdom Watchmen / Kingdom Freedom
International House of Prayer
IHOP Prayer Network
24-7 Prayer List
National Day of Prayer
The Father’s Business
24-7 Prayer International
Congressional Prayer Caucus

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