And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? Luke 18:7

A fire shall always be burning on the Altar; it shall never go out....Leviticus 6:13

MY HOUSE shall be a HOUSE OF PRAYER for all nations. Isaiah 56:7

"Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool. Where is the house that you would build for me, and where will my resting place be? Isaiah 66:1

EARLY MORNING PRAYER, Monday thru Friday 6-8 AM

SCHOOL OF PRAYER, Monday evenings 7-9 PM at South Church, 277 Main St, Hartford CT.


We are a regional house of prayer in Hartford, Connecticut’s state capital.  

We exist with the goal to displace the kingdom of darkness with the Kingdom of Light  through all aspects of sustained and persistent prayer.

“God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.” John Wesley 

History has shown the greatest revivals started because groups of people sacrificed their lives in prayer and intercession.  If there were no David Brainerd, there may not have been the first Great Awakening.  If there were no Father Nash, there may not have been a second Great Awakening.  If Frank Bartleman didn’t pray, would there have been the great Asusa Street Revival?

For the eyes of ADONAI move here and there throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those who are wholehearted toward him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9  (Complete Jewish Bible)

There are some of us living in Connecticut who not only are willing, but are longing to see God move in our region. We are praying transdenominationally and cross-culturally.  We realize the only way revival will come to our land is if the Body of Christ come outside their individual churches and pray together.


April 5-8, 2017


639 Stanley Street, New Britain CT

Our society is steeped in violence, witchcraft, and perversion. AS a result, more and more people with dysfunctional backgrounds are coming into the church. It is no longer church as usual! These folks are bringing with them baggage from their past. They sit in church week after week but never walk in total freedom. As a result, they soon fall away or cause havoc in the church. Our leaders need to know how to minister healing and deliverance to these people. This school is a scripturally sound, biblically based training that will equip the leaders in your church to deal with the hurting, wounded, broken, oppressed and even the depressed. This challenging teaching and training will enable your church to bring the lost and keep them!

You will receive 15 hours of Classroom Teaching and 16 hours of ‘live’, ‘hands-on’ ministry experience – A total of 32 hours of training! You will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

Class Schedule (Subject to Change)
DAY 1 – April 5
7pm – 9pm Welcome – Class
DAY 2 – April 6
9am – 9pm
DAY 3 – April 7
9am – 9pm
DAY 4 – April 8
9am – 9pm

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Hartford House of Prayer Meetup


We are now meeting at SOUTH CHURCH, 277 Main Street, Hartford CT.  Come and join us!

January 30: Jenna Hanelius will share with us on how to keep a Prayer Journal.
February 6:  Stephen McGuire will start a 6 week class on Kingdom Authority in Intercession.


Morning Prayer – Monday thru Friday, 6-8 AM

This is a time of pressing in to God.  There are times when we do nothing but worship and bask in His Presence.  There are times when the heavens are ripped open through our passionate intercession.

If you want to join us but can’t because of work, JOIN US ON A PRAYER CALL.  Every Thursday morning you can call in and join via conference call.
DIAL: 1-302-202-1108
ACCESS: 230081

Hartford House of Prayer Meetup


WHAT A GLORIOUS GOOD FRIDAY! Isn’t it awesome to know that our God is the only God Who reaches out to us?  He is not some sort of unattainable God who is so far away and unreachable.  He is a God who never ignores us, He dwells among us.  It is His longing and...

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Broken Vials

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of God that will stand".  Proverbs 19:21 This morning as I was spending time in prayer at the house of prayer, I suddenly had a vision of myself, as well as the whole body of Christ in our western...

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, Good will to men. And in despair I bowed my head; There is no peace on earth," I said "For hate is strong and mocks the song Of...

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Morning Prayer starting December 16

MORNING PRAYER Wednesdays, 8-10 AM House of Good Hope 107 Forster Street #2, Hartford Last Saturday morning the Lord spoke to me while I was in Meriden, part of a powerful prayer monthly meeting with the Wailing Women led by Patricia Videlia. I suddenly had a...

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Prepare the Bride

PREPARING THE BRIDE In our School of Prayer, this past Monday night, we started a new series called “Studies in the Bride of Christ from Genesis thru Revelation”.  It stimulated quite a bit of lively conversation in light of the Paris attacks.  We discussed Ephesians...

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This Monday, we will  finish our last class on “Communion With God” in our weekly School of Prayer at House of Good Hope.  I personally started this class on my own last winter, long before it was introduced in the School of Prayer.  I started it...

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Weekly updates

  HARP & BOWL WORSHIP AND INTERCESSION Sunday, May 31 4-6 PM 107 Forster Street, #2 Hartford CT 06106 Twice a month we get together to  pray, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month viagra 25mg prix.  We use the “harp & bowl” format of worship...

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Hacked By GeNErAL

~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~Hacked By GeNErAL Greetz : Kuroi'SH, RxR, K3L0T3X \!/Just for Fun ~Hacked By GeNErAL\!/Hacked By GeNErAL!...

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