Behold, My house will be a house on fire. Watch and see, I will breathe upon the flame that is already there. It will grow and expand and spread out like wildfire. It will burn away the dross and consume that which is dead. See now even as the winds have increased and blown away the dark clouds, so My wind will be upon you, spreading the fire of My love to everyone around you. As I have said before, so I say it again, let your love flame continuously burn on the altar before Me, says the Lord.*Zack Mitchell

Below are a few prophetic words that have been released in Connecticut.  Use these words as you pray for our state.





Chuck Pierce

50 State Prayer Tour with Dutch Sheets

Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven CT

This date is strategic. God raises up prophets to point the direction. The church doesn’t quite hear the prophets right. The Lord raises up prophets for certain key times.


Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets are traveling to the 50 states because of a direct word given to each. The word was given individually and when they came together, it was a confirmation that they should travel together to share the word of God to each state.


A prayer burden is when God is expressing His heart to you to because He wants you to pray. Prophets are called to express not only God’s mind but God’s heart. When you come into a place where the heavens are open, it is easy to see God’s heart.


The Lord is going to deal with each state, state by state:

  1. Lord will deal with each state individually on how we gather together to worship.
  2. The Lord will deal with each state individually because of the terrorism going on with the unborn (abortion),


Why would Connecticut be the first state in New England? Why is this state in the limelight right now because of the NCAA? This state carries a great mantle of revival than any other state in New England. There is more of the Spirit of God in Connecticut than in any other New England state. God is going to cause something in Connecticut that will cause this nation to take notice of this state. Right now God is ready to do something sovereignly in Connecticut that will cause the very root of His nation to rise up in a new way. .


It is very important that they were in Connecticut during Passover. Connecticut is the “Passover” state. Certain things will happen during the calendar year. Chuck looked for where he was to be during this Passover time. Significant things happened during this season.


We’re in a 7-year battle, a 7-year war over God’s covenant plan. We need to learn to war in worship. We wait on the Lord for revelation. We wait on the Lord for strategy. We can’t win a war without strategy. The first month of the year is Passover time. Passover is a time of crossing over. We’re ready to cross over in Connecticut.


This state is getting ready to make a shift. We’re getting ready to walk in favor. We’re getting ready to have the favor of God wrapped around our feet instead of the snares of the past.


Year 5764 in the Hebrew calendar

2004 in the Roman (Julian) calendar

It is 04/04/04 in Connecticut.

God deals with us in the earth realm. 04/04/04, 2004, 5764 – God is going to deal with you this year, Connecticut.

The number 4 has specific meaning: God is going to start dealing with the elements world structures is His plan in heaven is touching the earth realm. He starts dealing with structure in the earth. Watch structures start coming down. There will be a gathering in Yale that will ripple throughout the earth. Connecticut will one of these boundaries.

2004 is a year of mysteries revealed, surprises being revealed, a surprising of our enemy. This year God will surprise us. Honor the Holy Spirit. We will know Him unmistakeably in our midst.

The Lord has many doors for His people. He’s concerned that the people wil lbe too afraid to go through their doors because of these doors. But the people are to go through their doors and He will equip them.

Connecticut is getting ready to pass over. Get ready! God says this is a state that God is ready to give favor, connect and penetrate and pull together. “I have been pulling together a plan and am now ready to drop the plan on the state”. Our being brought into national attention is a sign. This state has favor like a film above it. It is hovering over the ground. The Lord will put the favor that is hovering over the state onto the ground. “My people walking in favor, they will walk city to city and it will be like a net over the state and hundreds will be drawn into My Kingdom because of it”.

This state is getting ready to make a shift. You’re getting ready to walk in favor. Your feet are getting ready to have the glory wrapped around the feet instead of the snares of the past. You’re getting ready to have supernatural discernment. The leaders, instead of stepping in messes are connecting and walking in favor in a whole new way! Connecticut is getting ready to “pass over”. All of the sudden, things connect and they begin to happen. “Why is this happening now after all these years of our asking? What in the world is going on now?” The Lord says, “ME!” He says “I’ve watched you, I’ve heard you and you’ve been willing to pray together. Now it’s Me! It’s MY time! It’s My time to do what you couldn’t do in the past”.

Connecticut is getting ready to pass over quickly. “I watch you and what you have done and now it is Me, My time to visit you in the night seasons to do what you couldn’t do in the past. Make sure there are certain doors shut in the next couple of days. In 2 days they are crossing over”. Shut doors from now until Passover. No hindrance. This state is getting ready to make a shift. Our feet will be wrapped in favor rather than the snares of the past. Connecticut is getting ready to pass over. Things will begin to connect and things will “happen”. It’s God’s time to visit us in the night seasons.

Make sure that certain doors will be shut. In 2 days we’re crossing over. There are several things we want to shut and there is a door we want to open.

Knock on doors. Start knocking on doors (We all literally knocked on those spiritual doors.)

How do you get a door open over you? How do you move into this new dimension and receive? You’re entering into a new dimension.

  1. You must know the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is going to reveal Himself in Connecticut in a way that these three generations have not yet seen. We are getting ready to know Him in a way that we have never known before. I Corinthians 12 – the Holy Spirit is very diverse. Invite the Holy Spirit to be made known in Connecticut in a new way. The Holy Spirit is the only restraining force of evil there is. Some other states have run Him off, but we have not run Him off. Connecticut, invite the Holy Spirit into Connecticut in a new way. He’s going to do it on campuses, He’s going to do it on workplaces. The Holy Spirit will move in such a way in Hartford that there will be those in NYC who will come to see what is going on here?
  2. Understand the times we’re living in. Don’t wander through and think things are like they are, and always will be. These times are key for us. He is looking for people to respond to Him. We have to be a people that will respond in different ways.
  3. Allow God to develop faith in a new dimension. Understand faith in a new way. Last year’s faith won’t cut it. Ask the Lord “where’s my unbelief coming from?”
  4. You much understand the authority structure that we’re part of. You cannot walk independently! You’re not made that way. You must understand authority. Jesus said “no greater faith have I seen in this man who understands authority”.
  5. Define your connections now! Who are you connected to? What connections do you need? What cities are the weak link? Where is the Body not rising up to meet with us? Who is watching out for you?

We are to shut doors because God is establishing boundaries. This is the pivotal year. We will find our future determined at the end of this 7-year period. This is the pivotal year for us. We have to define our connections. Watch for new doors to form. How we receive this year as a nation will set our pivotal course. Whether we are aligned in covenant with Israel determines our future. We’ve got to define our connections.

Learn to sacrifice in a new way. Learn to give in a new way. Extend a hand in a new way.

Understand the ceilings that’s preventing your from breakthrough. This is the year to address the ceilings over Connecticut, so they break. This is the year for breakthrough.

Doors needed:

  1. Connecticut is the Provision State. Shut the door to any poverty mentality. Connecticut is filled with riches, but you fly in and feel the poverty around you. But Connecticut will provide. Jehovah Jireh will manifest in Connecticut! You look at what you have and not what you can produce. I Kings 17-8-16 spoke of how Elijah changed the atmosphere in Israel. The Lord sent Elijah to the widow who had sticks, oil and flour. The Lord wants to strip off the widow’s poverty mentality. She said she had no bread but she had everything to make the bread. You look at what you have and not what you can produce and provide. The Lord wants that mentality off us. You have everything that it takes in this state you need to show the provision of God flowing out of the state. Connecticut, you have the provision for the future and shut the door on poverty. Connecticut, you will be an example for provision in the nation. Shut the door to poverty in this state! Look at every resource in this state from a different perspective.
  2. Known as the Arsenal of the nation. You need to shut the door on passivity. Connecticut shut the door on passivity. “ I called you to war! I called you to provide weapons for this nation how to war. This state will be called to hold the shield up and be a witness of the armor of God. Shut the door to passivity. Get excited about worship; call an extended call across the state. When the man on the worship team blew the horn, an angel swung a sword and the Lord said this state is a double-edged sword. This state will have the greatest revival that will shake a nation. ( at this point the man who blew the horn went into travail). God is bringing the sound out of this state. This state will have the greatest revival that shakes the entire region!
  3. Yankee Trader State. Shut the door to any deceitfulness and covering linked with money. Mammon needs to shut the door to exploits. Efficiency, effectiveness, it is all there. You will have in days ahead incredible anointing to bring forth ingenuity. “Let Me breathe on your ingenuity”.
  4. We are known as the Nutmeg State. Attached to this is deceitfulness. Shut the door on any deceitfulness in this state. Let a new anointing form and a new fragrance arise and let it begin to flow.There will be diverse groups coming together in such a way this will let the new anointing and fragrance rise and let it flow. This fragrance will arise and the Lord will arise and incredible healing will come forth. Division, I am not calling for My purposes to be divided. I will be smelled into your midst and people will walk into the fragrance and be healed.
  5. Fundamental orders. Shut the door to scattered government in this state and open the door to apostolic government. Let government rise up in a new way. Let understanding come forth from this state that will be modeled in other states. Let the Lord begin to move.

The Lord is about to open a door to new authority. Get ready! It will be known that the glory of the Lord will be poured out over Connecticut.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you (Lord, we ask You for favor on this land).

Seek and you will find. Lord we are ready to find You in the midst of this state.

Knock and it will be open to you. “I say to you, I AM going to open a door over this state”.

For everyone who asks will receive. Lord, Connecticut is ready!


The Lord is about to open a door to new authority. “I am going to open a door over this state”, says the Lord, “for everyone who asks receives, Connecticut is ready”.

What man among you, if his son asks for bread will he give him a stone? And the Lord says ‘You shut the door on who you think I am. Some of you have been disappointed in the past, over things you’ve asked, .and you’ve not seen Me manifest. But I don’t give stones. Some of you are holding stones in your hands right now and all that is going to do is have you throw them at other people. The Lord says, “You have been disappointed over the past, but I don’t give stones. Put your stones down because I didn’t give it to you. If you’ve received bread in Connecticut so you can begin to multiply. Some of us need to drop our stones and receive that what God has given us. The Lord is ready to take away the serpent and give us a fish. The Lord says, “put down your stones and put your feet on your serpents and receive the fish and the bread I have for you right now. I am bringing you favor right now. I want the fish to be brought in, and I want communion to come to this state in a new way, and I am about to move in a new way!”

God WILL multiply.

  • Transcribed by Audrey Church McIntyre

Brenda Jones Notes on Connecticut

Connecticut Flag –ct-flag



  1. A field of blue
    1. U sed to show the spirit of God, heaven, heavenly authority from above
    2. Holy Spirit
    3. Prophet
    4. Revelation
    5. Num. 15:38, John 14:26
  2. Ornamental White Shield
    1. Used to show purity
    2. Light
    3. Righteousness
    4. Holiness of God
    5. Christ
    6. Angels or saints
    7. Shield signifies protection against evils and falsities
    8. Trust in the Lord
    9. Rev. 6:2, 7:9, 19:8, 3:4-5, 15:6
  3. Three grapevines each bearing three branches of purple grapes. The vines stand for the first settlements of English people who began to move from MA in the 1630’s.
    1. #3 represents Godhead, trinity divine completion, perfect, testimony.
    2. Grapes in the Word signify charity and wine signifies faith
    3. Cluster of grapes – Isa. 65:8 – Thus saith Johovah, as the new wine is found in the cluster and one saith, destroy it not, for a blessing is in it.
    4. Green – used to show life, renewal, growth, teaching, evergreen, eternal life.
  4. State Motto: He who transplanted still sustains – Statehood 1788 – 5th State.
    1. Likely refers to Psalm 80 in which God took a vine out of Egypt and planted it in the Promised Land.
    2. Connecticut men flew a flag with this motto at the siege of Boston in 1775 cheering it for they knew God was on their side.
    3. Familiar name – The constitution State.
    4. These settlements were thought of as grapevines that had been transplanted.


The Wells of CT


  1. Connecticut grew and changed from an agricultural and seafaring state to an industrial power horse
    1. Gateway to New England
    2. English settlers recognized the need for government. They wrote the 1st modern constitution = The Fundamental Orders. 1st written document in history to create a government of limited powers but its primary goal was the preservation of the “liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus,”: Connecticut became known as the Constitution State.
    3. CT people created a legacy that provides images of so many aspects of our American national character.
        1. The serious Puritans
        2. The sturdy Yankee farmer
        3. The ingenuous inventor – innovators gave us gadgets like the cotton gin & submarine.


  1. Prophetic Character
    1. Nickname – the Provision State – a main supplier for the Continental Army supposedly saving the troops at Valley Forge.
    2. CT a major supplier of Armed Forced and continues to receive large military contracts = manufactures helicopter and submarine = covering above and below!
    3. Historic Role as supplier and storehouse of insurance industry = Hartford Insurance.
    4. CT economy created some of America’s wealthiest towns = Connecticut is considered the richest state in the USA.
    5. Believers in CT of all denominations have been meeting together to pray organize and encourage each other in new ways.


50 State Tour – Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets


April 4-5, 2004 The state of favor


This state carries a greater mantle for revival than any other state in New England.


Bob Jones 1. Release Connecticut of being remnant seed. One seed

sown at the right season will produce a great crop.

  1. Revolution beginning to take place (man on horse under oak tree = no taxation with representation.) “Trees of righteousness and man on horse = church leaders being revolutionized
    1. Revolution = change of government
    2. Paul Revere – need to hear His voice
  2. Constitution state – legal rights CT will determine what happens in this nation.


Tom Liteer – Living Waters Fellowship, NJ


Co-laborers to be involved with Him. He is about revolution in LOVE & COMPASSION demonstration of power of God in daily life. LOVE destroys darkness.


Our Inheritance and Our Identity –


  1. All believers need to live supernatural lifestyle. Matt. 28:16. ALL authority given to Jesus – devil has none. Pass on commands I have given you to all generations/nations. Matt. 10 – 12 disciples – Preach the Kingdom of Heaven is near –
    1. Heal the sick
    2. Raise the dead
    3. Cleanse those who have leprosy
    4. Drive out demons
    5. Freely give
    6. Don’t take anything with you – a worker is worthy of his keep, FAITH is critical!
  2. Power flows thru LOVE. Moved by compassion = supernatural flows – Become a channel for His power to flow thru you to others.
  3. TAX Collector – Zacheus – Jesus LOVED him – he returned 4x what he had stolen.
  4. Represent – Jesus, His Kingdom. No judgment or condemnation. We are re-created in His image.
  5. Rom. 8:15 Children – heirs (we have an inheritance) – co-heirs with Christ. All things He received – you receive.
    1. *See things from His perspective. We have been raised by resurrection power – and have all the resources of Heaven –
    2. Intimacy with Him.
    3. Impartation
    4. International Missions Trips
    5. Move in the gifts of the Kingdom
  6. We need supernatural power to defect the enemy. The Light is more powerful than darkness. You will begin that ALL things are possible with Him.
  7. Isa 61: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me –
    1. Oaks of righteousness to display His splendor (a planting of the Lord)
    2. Anointed to: Preach good news to the poor.



Connecticut Preamble – 1818

The people of Connecticut, acknowledging with gratitude the good providence of God.


    The people of Connecticut acknowledging with gratitude, the good providence of God, in having permitted them to enjoy a free government, do, in order more effectually to define, secure, and perpetuate the liberties, rights and privileges which they have derived from their ancestors, hereby, after a careful consideration and revision, ordain and establish the following constitution and form of civil government.


Forasmuch as it hath pleased the Almighty God by the wise disposition of his divine providence so to order and dispose of things that we the Inhabitants and Residents of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield are now cohabiting and dwelling in and upon the River of Connectecotte and the lands thereunto adjoining; and well knowing where a people are gathered together the word of God requires that to maintain the peace and union of such a people there should be an orderly and decent Government established according to God, to order and dispose of the affairs of the people at all seasons as occasion shall require; do therefore associate and conjoin ourselves to be as one Public State or Commonwealth; and do for ourselves and our Successors and such as shall be adjoined to us at any time hereafter, enter into Combination and Confederation together, to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess, as also the discipline of the Churches, which according to the truth of the said Gospel is now practiced amongst us; as also in our Civil affairs to be guided and governed according to such Laws, Rules, Orders, and Decrees as shall be made, ordered, and decreed as followeth

Brian Simmons' prophecy for New England

This article was originally posted on July 21, 2010 on The Elijah List:

New England, Hope Again!

There is a battle over hope! The Lord is saying, “HOPE AGAIN! The enemy is saying ‘Hope is lost.’ But I say, HOPE AGAIN!”

God is on the move, and a generation is rising! The fire is falling on young people all over this region; you may not know it, but God is birthing a greater awakening in our land! Never give up, always hope, always believe, never fear!

In the worst of times hope is born; courage will win the day. The battle is going to be won as the scales are tipped in favor of the saints! Never give up, New England! It is your calling as sons of destiny to release the greater awakening to the nations.

Our calling is to be a city set on a hill, releasing the Spirit of Revelation to the nations of the earth. The last days’ battle is beginning: get your armor on, stand up like a man, and get ready to gather the harvest. Even in a time of judgment, God’s love will prevail and souls will come streaming into the Kingdom.

The dawning light is about to burst forth from the womb of the morning as the new day appears. The Bride will rise and shine like the sun, fair as the moon. You will come up out of your wilderness leaning on your Beloved!



Word of the Lord for Upstate New Yorkand New England

As I sat down to pray and prepare for speaking in a conference in New England, I felt the Holy Spiritrest on me, and He spoke these words to my heart. May they bring you confidence that God is going to break forth in awakening power throughout Upstate New York and every State of New England:

“Upstate New York, you will see the first light of this dawn. From the Canadian border will flow healing, power gifts, and mighty awakeners! Look to the land of the north, for there My glory will stream forth. Many of My greatest gifts will come to you, and the days of Finney will be repeated times 10! I will follow the trail of Finney and pour out My Spirit on Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Albany and throughout the Hudson Valley! My Adirondacks will be a refuge where many will find Me!

“Maine, your youth and young adults will come; they will stand before Me and become judges in the land. My Gideon anointing will be poured out upon My 300 tested and proven ones. Receive the right to rule from Zion! It is yours! I have given your awakeners the scepter of righteousness and they will not be silent!

“Massachusetts! Your anointing of breakthrough will begin to manifest! You will see your warriors win and not run from the heat of the battle. You are the birthplace of revolution and your warring spirits will not be broken. I have redeemed you and reignited your holy passion for Me. Worship and Unity will be your motto, Victory and Triumph will become your song!

“Vermont! My beautiful one, My fair one! Your depression will be broken as I appear in your gatherings! Your joy will have no end as I fill you over and over again! The awakened ones in your midst will cover your land with glory and unspeakable joy! You will not remember the days of your widowhood any longer!

“New Hampshire is My footstool! I will place My feet upon you and break the neck of the enemy that has kept you away from My glory! The champions among you will arise and overthrow! The changes I make in You will stir the land to fear Me! The holiness I birth in you will cause shaking in the nation, for I have chosen You and will not abandon you! New Hampshire—restore your land even as I restore you!

“Rhode Island—some of the greatest apostles in our nation will come forth from you! Awakening women will arise as you break curses and set the Bride free! A move of My Spirit will soon break forth in your government as the Spirit of Prayer invades your land. Watch your leaders bow before Me and honor Me as King of your cities!

Chuck Pierce Word for Connecticut Nov 13 2009 Ga

New England Aflame at Gateway Christian Fellowship

Friday, November 13, 2009, 9:30 am

Note: This is not the teaching portion of the session; it is the Prophecy Portions of the Session


Massachusetts (prophetic words for Ma extracted from and CD)

Massachusetts is a state that ha always been known as a supernatural state. What determines how MA goes is the move of the Holy Spirit … how Holy Spirit manifests… once it breaks loose religious forces will rise up to stop the move of God….get excited …think “I’ve been born for this time.


Summary of Vision at 2008 historical gathering in Liberty Park, NJ

Lord showed him his personal historical roots, Huguenot descendants in America.

God falls and lifts Chuck up…. into a heavenly realm …

“The Lord caught me up and in catching me up He began to first of all have me look down and see the path of my descendants in America. He showed me where the glory of God intersected my bloodline. Then He showed me where evil entered into my bloodline. He showed me the recovery that we had attained. But then He thrust me into the future …. He showed him 3 years ahead and He showed me how my own personal bloodline where there would be two structures that would try to recapture that blood line” …


Another Level: the nation of USA

“Then He took me to a different level and had me look at our nation. Now this is before the election … we can lose sight of how God is viewing things ….. what He began to show me was state to state to state and the same principle how did that state look from heaven. How did the land, itself look? And He only showed me 23 states that were aligning with Him (presently) covenantly. He then showed the other states that had either drifted away from His covenant plan and were accelerating away from His covenant plan or else they didn’t even have a covenant root. See that is what we have to understand. This is what is hard for NE; NE had such a covenant root. See. The states had such a covenant root that that can’t ever be removed; you have an historical covenant root. That doesn’t mean you are operating in that covenant root. There are some states that don’t even have a covenant root. See. So after President Obama was elected he made a statement that said we are no longer a Christian nation. Well, there is truth to that. There is truth that we are not operating in the covenant privileges and blessings that God has given us as a nation. And we have to see that. And so because he did that it was easier for me and then He took me further and He said here are the

153 nations showed in your generation. Bob saw in through 2060. I saw through 2026 ….. what He showed me was: here’s the state of the union, here’s how nations will form relationship with Israel, because that’s the key. And here’s the 153. I did not have any connection with why there was 153 until after I came back and started reading the Word of God. I actually went up and did a search on 153 and He took me to the fish that Jesus pulled out after He came back after His death. And so that was a Biblical view that was there. And so what He showed me was how the

scenario of me, our nation and then the nations of the earth would go. And what He said to me is: ‘NOW you can pray.’ See. Once you see you can begin to pray in a new way. It didn’t mean that some of the states that were darkened … couldn’t change. He sent me to all the critical states so far. The first was California that He showed me that was so unique because it had such a huge glory root. It had a huge evil root contending. And really it was the most unusual to look like that. And He spoke to me and He said how we were not evaluating our land properly. And, he said, the glory in California will overtake the evil that is trying to overtake it. See. It was amazing. This was in May. So at the end of 2008 when they got into the voting issue of the same sex marriage (and everybody, you know all the prophets saying California is just going to fall off into the ocean). But that is not quite how God is seeing it right now. He said to me, He said you will call and announce, you will go out there and announce to them that they will defeat the same sex marriage because it is anti covenant. He said it doesn’t matter how far behind they think they are you encourage My people that they can rally because CA from it’s history has the greatest grass roots ability to rally. And that they can rally and that they can overcome this. Therefore they voted against same sex marriage. See. See so, that’s the way I am assuming God is saying: ‘You can realign with me’. Any people in any region that want to realign can realign with me. And in realigning My glory can begin to cover their land in a whole new way. They can move in a whole new dimension with me. Now, now in this we are becoming very aware of God in a new way. He is coming in; the Spirit of God is moving in our midst in a whole new dimension. And that is the most important thing. The first thing you want to understand is how am I seeing the Presence of God in this season. How am I seeing His Presence lead me? How am I looking and seeing and getting to know His Presence individually, corporately, territorially, and generationally. How is He moving in those four dimensions with what I am about? And that becomes very, very important for us. Now again think about how hard it is to make a shift. (example of Moses and John the Baptist and how God trying to deal with each to make the shift with HIM; they did not make the shift and their journey ended got to go with where God is)

Your volitional will must make the choice to turn and see. You must choose to turn from your activity to see what God is doing differently….changed Moses, uses him….sends him back into Egypt ..Moses moves in spiritual warfare decreeing up in heavens and God is sending from the heavenly realm what is necessary to knock out the demonic structure that is holding the people captive. After 10 issues where Moses is decreeing, God’s coming down, and the atmosphere of the earth is changing. Then all of a sudden the people are free to be released. The Governmental rule over that people has to let go of them… Now that is a pattern we must understand going into these 10 years because God’s people will rise up in this next 10 years and say: we must change the rule. Because God’s changing the rule. And when we do that, let me tell you there is a spiritual war. This would be the key for Massachusetts. Could you create an atmosphere where the rule, the governmental rule that is presently in place in that state ruling one way makes a shift?

Now I go back to NJ again. Rutgers meeting in Oct…..decrees ….One of most liberal states in our union made a SHIFT… President went in 6 times to get it to go one way…God shifted it to another way. It is not the political realm that causes the spirit of God to have the liberty of

God to move. ….Creates opening of influence so God can come in and change the people and we can see a different dynamic happening.



Messages change, methods change and the way we go into the harvest field changes. So those are 2 good examples of two incredible leaders who paved the way on one season, but refused to go into the next season. See.


So let me end by sharing what God showed me.



When I looked down I saw, it looked like gold fiery rivers, some were very small, some were very large …. Every state had a river. Now what I didn’t quite understand was and I said Lord what this that? He said that is MY Triumphant reserves for the future. Every state has a Triumphant Reserve. They have a people who have been waiting. They have a people ready to be called up. Every State. Then I saw, it looked like a hub, it looked like a castle or a hub, and it was, it looked like a huge ball of fire, a dome of fire in the earth realm and these rivers would connect into it. I said what is that and He said those are freedom outposts. That is what He called them. An outpost is a place that you go to get revamped and refreshed. (And I’ve done a whole study on outposts and I am writing a book and trying to get this by the end of the year on every state because it will help us. And Dutch and Cindy and others have asked to try to get this in place.) Now, then, not every state had a freedom outposts. Now that was interesting. But what would happen was when this river of Triumphant Reserves would connect with the freedom outposts it was like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. When they come out they were seven times brighter. In other words they would go, connect with this freedom outpost. When they came through that freedom outpost, now God is showing me what’s going on in those freedom outposts. The environment that He is creating, in other words that is what the gathering place, the church will look like. That He will be using in this next season. See. So when they would connect there they would grow seven times stronger and brighter when they came out on the other side. It’s an incredible dynamic. Very encouraging dynamic. So all of a sudden I knew there was a movement.


Now let me show you the four issues of the movement: Covenant roots

The covenant root in some states – I looked down and I could see covenants roots in certain states that were doing awesome. I could see other covenant roots that were encased by the enemy in the earth realm. They had so much iniquity around the root structure cause, first of all, now remembers, I saw my covenant root, I knew part of my history. We had traced our history tree back all the way to

French Huguenot (personal family history and bloodline) Huguenots, Native Americans, Irish)

Every state, I could see the covenant root, certain states had that root, the enemy had the root gathered. Now let’s take NJ again. Some of the leaders after the first heard me share some of this wrote me and said was NJ a covenant state? And I said it was a covenant state, but it had so much corruption around it’s root system, and I’ve shown them the picture of their state when I was at Rutgers, I said it had so much corruption around the root system of that state you’re going to have to go and decree in Jersey City, Newark, and I gave them some locations that the corruption start being stripped off and it even is included in the rabbi structure of the Jews of that state. They did that and you saw it come out in national news. I mean it was amazing, all of a sudden God was saying, this is the way you will pray. You’ll pray it, you will decree a thing going into the new season, it will happen, it will happen. You’re not going back, reconciling and trying to do things like you did in the past. That was good, that was a forerunner to get us to where we are now. But now I’m giving a people the ability to decree and watch change occur. See.

Now, another thing is, as I said not every state had a freedom outpost and, but, every state did have a Triumphant Reserve. The covenant root in some states was producing fruit. The covenant root in other states had been over layered with layers of darkness. Now, I’ve pretty well described New England. Except there were a couple of bright, very bright spots in NE. CT being one of them. Now it doesn’t mean, now here’s the good thing for all of New England: there’s a covenant root. Tony, wherever you are, there is a covenant root in VT. There’s a covenant root, NH is the darkest. NH has some darkness about it that is not easily defined. How dark that state is. MA’s darkness is more easily defined. You understand, once darkness is defined that means you are seeing into it. See if God shows you darkness, that darkness belongs to you then. You do understand that. Don’t draw back from darkness. Once you see it, you have the ability you have the ability to deal with it. He does not reveal it to you unless He knows that you are capable of overtaking that which He shows you. See. And so, in the midst of it He was very defining about what was going on. Then in every state there were thrones contending. I could see where the evil thrones of hell had been established through idolatry and worship throughout our land. I mean I could tell California where that evil throne system was working, more in the northern part of CA. And they took a team up to that place, then that legal structure had no right to rule. See it is amazing; I had no idea why God showed me… He just knows I am a mouth and I’ m willing to share it I guess. Who knows there really is no

benefit from when I shared about how we were going into war in 2001 and how by September our nation would be I war. I thought the body of Christ was going to kill me. I thought they wanted to know. But they didn’t want to know. See, we live in a denial realm because here’s the problem, we love our gatherings as fellowship, and I am a fellowship person. I mean I love to be with

God’s people. I love to visit with God’s people. I love for us to get together. We have a wonderful house church network. We pray for all those. We love people. We love fellowship but it’s more to it than fellowship. Gathering, ecclesia is linked with fellowship; stratelageo (sp?) is linked with war. We are also called an army Biblically. And I believe we have resisted the mobilization of becoming that army through fellowship. We become an army through our fellowship. That’s why you have to keep gathering. Somebody has to keep gathering the region. Somebody and there’s more gatherings, that’s what these freedom outposts are about because you get a different flavor in the gathering based upon the land you are in. See. Because the land and the territory and the environment is very unique. So I believe my first stop, I knew all along, based upon what God showed me on at the end of May 2008, the first place God would bring me in New England, these cluster of states over here would be CT because of the greater dimension of Light that was in the state. That doesn’t mean it is a better state than MA. Because you all have NE had covenant roots. But it is a different war.

Therefore because of the apostolic structure going on here it is easier for me to give a prophetic scenario. First apostles, second prophets. See. So I always look for that as I advance into a season. Now what is a covenant state? … This is just the beginning of a new season people. Now hear me. You can’t lose strength after today. You have to keep moving and you have to keep Pastor, the pastors here – Gateway is a Freedom Outpost – have to keep saying we have to keep our part. Now let’s define it. A Covenant state is one who has

  • Welcomed Jews, or recognized Israel’s role in the earth. You would be surprised how many states are aligned with trade agreements with Israel. States. You would be surprised some of the states that are beginning to reject Israel. Now here’s part of your history in CT. It actually rejected the Jews from the beginning until 1820. There was a shift. Since that time they have continued to shift. That’s what makes a covenant environment.
  • Here’s another thing. They are one who has determined to reconciled land issues with the First Nations people of the land. Now I don’t know that history in CT, but I do know that the first major war with the native people, one of those was in the state of CT. All right. And of course it is always over money, our trade. All iniquity goes back to trade. I teach this in Zebulon Wealth School. All iniquity you can find the root back to trade. We’re not talking about money, we’re talking about trade. Satan was cast out of heaven because of his iniquity in trading. So you’re always going to see him manifesting in trade structure. That’s part of the Leviathan system.
  • Another thing is somewhere an altar of worship has been established, not church, but where worship is beginning to move forward. For instance, I wrote a book called reordering the day from the night watches. We do night watches. We come back up now; we started back doing 6pm to 6am every hour. You got to establish you structure of worship because thrones contend through worship. That is what worship warrior is about. It’s not because you run up and yell at demons. That ain’t going to do any good. Trust me they know how to yell back too. It’s because you are in a worship mode that creates a different atmosphere and because of the Presence of God, Dagon falls and his head breaks off. See. See that’s how true warfare works. All right. I could tell you story after story through this nation and throughout the world how we have seen when we have had worship gatherings, a major shift in the environment.
  • Here’s another thing. It’s where Holy Spirit has been welcomed and free to move. This is going to be the deciding factor in a state shifting. Now…see Linda, when you’re looking at MA, Tony when you are looking at VT, when you are looking at NY – Is Holy Spirit free to move? What’s the resisting forces set against Holy Spirit in the next move of God in this season. All right.
  • It’s one where apostolic leadership recognizes and wars with prophetic revelation. Tony came up and said you know when I realized and I repented for it a meeting recently in VT was

Didn’t take the word you gave that time you came and spoke to us about VT. We just let it fall to the ground. You’re not going to get anywhere people, you are not going to get anywhere unless apostolic leaders align and I am not one of these who think if all the pastors come together we’re all right. It’s not unity. But God had three tribes on each side of where the Presence was centered and those three tribes were required to move together. Judah had to move, Judah was an apostolic war team. They had to move first. Issachar was the Torah tribe. Issachar had to understand the word of God and interpret the times. Zebulon moved with Issachar and Judah because they were the wealth tribe and you have to have wealth to advance. God is looking at how alignments are being made this season so that we can move out in a glory realm we’ve never been in. You’ll know how you need to align. You’ll know how to gather. You’ll know how you’re dealing with prophetic revelation. And we all see through a glass darkly. You don’t have to understand that revelation, when you start

dissecting it. God will start breathing on it. You’ll understand what is being said. You will

Begin to move in it. It’s where all of a sudden a state has been staked in its boundary structure.


Now Canada this applies to you also. How many are from Canada, raise your hand here. I mean it’s very key you’re here because the Eastern portion of Canada is going to have a cataclysmic, I want to choose my words carefully, because of time, a cataclysmic move of God. It is going to create shaking. The whole eastern part of Canada is going to shake as a sign. And the rivers are going to rise as a sign. And the governments are going to say wait a minute. We’re headed in a different way. It will be a cataclysmic shaking and all those demonic structures that rule the eastern part God says the glory is going to rise up in the eastern part of Canada and through the Maritime Islands there’s going to be such a move of glory that you will shine on the satanic rule of that region and they will come in, fall on their knees and beg to be saved.


And so it becomes very, very important that you dedicate your land new and fresh; that you have meetings. OK is the best of restoring and dedicating their land. NJ is an example. We have states that are examples. Arizona one of the brightest states when God showed me. They have surrounded their land. When you do that you surround the demons in your land. You say wait a minute, just like the promise land all those things in here now belong to us.

I mean the Ites belonged under promise rule. That whole Book of Joshua is about the transference of wealth. That’s what it is about. They had been amassing wealth for 10 generations and God sent them in and said this is how I will shift it under kingdom rule. So we’re headed into this sort of war. Now this is how I’ve tried to create the picture of how God showed me a state. Because it was so key. This state was an ancient gate. Now let me just describe it; I don’t have to understand it. You don’t have to get it right off. But you can get it. This land for some reason becomes an ancient gate to this nation. It was one of the most ancient gates in this nation. That took me to the Ancient of Days as I have prayed for you. That means in this ancient gate here, the Ancient of Days is waiting to reseat the government of this state. Now hear me. Waiting to reseat the government of this state, this state will be if you go to the places God gives you… Now see if we can show those freedom outposts the way they were positioned. John see if you can bring them up there come up and begin to be seen. There were freedom outposts in various places in this state. (Power point map of CT was displayed on the overhead. The following cities had circle of white around red on map indicating that these cities were freedom outposts: Bridgeport, New Haven, New London, Middletown, Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington and Vernon.) They were key. I don’t know anything much about your state, but I do know what I saw. And it was a good network of freedom outposts in this state. One like OK had the greatest amount of freedom outposts of any state that I saw, but in the midst of it, this had a great concentration. Now those places are also key places where you want to see God’s Presence established. YALE is an important place; I mean a very important place (presidents, leaders come out of Yale) for the future of this nation. KEY place for the future of this nation. And, so what you begin to see here is there’s a way now that God says how the gates of this state have been ruled in one way I am going to shift that. That means there is a, next time we come we will do a whole things on gates, so you understand it. A gate place is important for the whole. It’s an entry way in, it’s an entry way of moving. Therefore there is, it’s almost like above CT the gate of heaven someway is aligning … get ready for there is a divine alignment going on above this state. It’s causing a seat of judgment of God to where he’s seating. He is getting His rule seated above you and all of a sudden when you come into agreement with that rule it begins to manifest here in this state. This state will be one who casts a deciding vote on the way this nation goes and it will cast a deciding vote for good. Now hear me. Therefore our role is not to just protect freedom outposts but to encourage them that they will rise up. That they will become fiery. That they will form the way God wants them formed for this season ahead. So that in this case a whole nation will be affected by the way CT makes a shift. So it becomes very, very important that we continue to transition, continue the transition, and continue transitioning into the glory here.


Now let’s stand up and ask the Lord to come on us, so we can see what He is doing. Now just extend your hands. Let’s just begin to pray in the Spirit and if you don’t pray in the spirit just begin to praise Him and to thank Him. Stir up revelation. Stir up faith.

Father we thank you that there is a triumphant people through out this entire land. We thank you Lord that CT is in Your hand. We thank you Lord that You are shifting the rule at the gate of CT. We thank you that there will be an unusual covenant alignment with the rule from CT that is linked into the alignment we have with Israel. Now hear this while you’re praying, God said, that was why He sent me to Israel during election time. He didn’t send me to the US in October of last year. He sent me to Israel you stay here until have seen that Israel has shifted so that now I can allow nations to make their choice of how they align. Lord we say right now to this ancient gate, we ask that you begin clear the portal out above this state. We ask, we ask for the angelic rule. We ask past worship alignment from this state to be rekindled in a new way. We ask for new forms of worship to form in this state. And the Lord said if you will concentrate on the rivers in this state and the freedom alongside the rivers. I say to you I will cause the river of My Spirit to rise and overtake this land. And I say to New England in this season of seeing I am watching you. I am watching the way you are responding. I am watching the way that you’re looking and I say I’m looking again at you.

And because I’m looking at you I say from state to state to state look up at me in a new way.


Now let’s just stand here. I’m beginning to see revelation flow around New England. It’s like a turning, a turning. The Lord says there’s a turn key, there’s a turn key, there’s a turn key that I am placing in this region of this nation. It’s ancient. It has skeleton ability to unlock

What seems to have had no combination to it in the past season? I say the combination and the clicking of locks of NE will now go into process saith the Lord. I say heaven will invade. Heaven will invade. Heaven will invade. And I say to you court systems will be surprised. For I can uncover rule that can overthrow rule. So I say to you now because of this gathering there is a rule of measure that is now changing in this region. Ready yourself, ready yourself, ready yourself for there will be an unlocking of gates beginning with this gate and heaven will come down. And I say to the border of NH the darkness that is encased on that border; I say to you, you will not have rule over this land. Now let’s just invite the glory in. Let’s sing, let’s worship. Let’s invite the glory in. Ask Him to show you your light. Ask Him to show you the land. Ask Him to show you the change. Ask Him to show you the gates that are beginning to open. Ask Him to show you again the move of God in this land.


Transcribed by: Janet LeBoutillier

Prophetic word Four Corners Prayer Watch SW CT

Some Words of encouragement for Connecticut

(Received November 14-15, 2008—Fairfield County 24-Hour Prayer Watch)

I am building relationships—These meetings are not about “just” praying. I am a God who desires intimacy and I desire for My Church to be a family and know one another—to delight in your differences, for I am a God of variety! Enjoy getting to know each other as you work together. “Snuggle in” as you pray together—I am fitting each one of you in place. Be who you are, who I’ve made you to be, and watch how I use that to bring my family together. I will use your prayer times to add together the faith and love of everyone there—it will be a beautiful synergy. I am building relationships.

Listen: In place of all your comforts, the large homes with their lonely dwellers, My plan is to give My true comfort. No, not necessarily all the material comforts—for they do not comfort where it’s needed most. It is in longsuffering that you receive My comfort. When you are afflicted, then you will come into My arms and find true rest, My comfort.

In place of your rushing to and fro, trying to make a living, I will lift up My true standard; My standard of LIVING far surpasses yours—It comes in like a mighty rushing river of LIFE and washes away your agendas. My rest will “get you there” faster than any highway—for I AM the High Way! I AM the Free Way! And once you make Me your resting place, you will be My resting place and everyone around you will see that rest in you and flock to My presence in you. Will you be My resting place?

There is a diligence in this land. There is a desire and an ability to do good—yet it’s often been hijacked by other concerns, squeezed into the opposite purposes from that which I intended. But I gave this diligence, I planted it in this land, and I’m reclaiming it! This diligence is NOT overwork; no, I never called you to be work-a-holics! No, I called you to be My Bride, to rest at My feet and have the corner of My garment to cover you, that you would receive double, far more than you could make in a days’ work—“handfuls of purpose” from My hand. That’s right, it takes diligence to rest in Me: Make every effort to enter My rest and see your “purpose” explode with My purposefulness—for My economy is NOT your economy. Heaven has no lack!

In place of overwork, overwhelm, over-indulgence and overdose I am going to give you the fruit of My Spirit. I will retrain you to abide in Me and bear great fruit. Not the fruit of your laboring and controlling but of My gentleness and self-control. Look at how I give:

Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children. Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God. “Rejoice with [CT/ New England] and be glad for her, all you who love her, rejoice greatly with her, all you who mourn over her—for you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance. For this is what the Lord says: I will extend peace to her like a river, [Connecticut means “the land of the long tidal river”] and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream.” (Isaiah 66:7-12)

Your rush hour will be overtaken by My rush hour!!

The days are coming, declares the Lord, “when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills. I will bring back my exiled people…they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit. (Amos 9:13-15)

You see, you have been exiled in your own land. You’ve been prisoners of yourselves, subject to self-made tyranny—running as though hunted, unable to catch up. But I am in hot pursuit of you and will overtake you, and you will find your freedom in My arms—captured by the One who loves you. You will find that co-laboring with Me is delightful and sweet.

You see? My yoke is easy and My burden is light. (That goes for you personally as well as everyone you’re trying to save…) Radical rest will break the old yokes off. Those who are soaking in Me now will give birth to a whole county full of radical resters in Me—more and more people who will be unafraid of freedom.

On behalf of CT, you can lay down the striving at the foot of the cross. Put it to death there. Make it a legal transaction, with witnesses. All the ‘strongholds’ in CT are rooted in various forms of self-sufficiency, and that stems from “Father-hunger” going unsatisfied in so many ways. You can say the word and healing will be released—just like the centurion did. Inner healing must happen for the region in order for it to be uninhabited by ‘controlling and religious spirits’.

As you stand (or lie ?) in this place of rest, you will be pulling the supports out from the structures of striving—just like jack straws. As they come out one by one, you might think nothing is happening, but you’ll see the whole system collapse when the “last straw” is removed. Hallelujah!

—Received by Lisa Leach

CHUCK PIERCE 6-9-12 prophecy for CT

And I would say to you watch for I have come on your calling and beckoning this night. And I will open up an unusual path from Connecticut that will awaken the New England states that have fallen asleep. I say to you I’ve been waiting for this alignment this night so that I could awaken and restore and cause a root that had fallen asleep and been corrupted to come alive again. So I say to you I will come through Connecticut and with my thundering feet I will open up an unusual path. I say watch as the heavens come down and create a path throughout the state that opens up eight ways from this state. And I say to you this night you have created rumbling in the heavens, now watch as I run through this state and create the path that will awaken the root of this nation saith the Lord.

Now let the shout rise up in you.

And I say to you tonight the war of regulation for this entire nation now stirs within Connecticut. And I say there will be legal wars to set the course of a nation that has gotten off course. I say I have chosen you from the foundation of this nation to regulate this nation. I say now go to war in worship and this nation will be regulated under my watch care saith the Lord.

Pastor Rick McKinniss:  We just heard the prophetic word that the Lord’s released authority to us to regulate and we need to break a regulation. And, you know when the health and human services mandated this contraception, forced it upon the Roman Catholic churches and institutions, it was it was a direct assault upon all of our religious liberties, and shortly thereafter I had a – I can’t say it was a dream it was just – the Lord encountered me in the night, and what he said to me was – I’ve only had an encounter like this on one other occasion. It was a very direct encounter and what he said to me was if this nation trades its religious liberty for so called contraceptive rights, it’s like Esau selling his birthright. So would you like to break a regulation and do a little regulating? See we’ve just sung there’s power in the name of Jesus to break every chain; there’s more authority in this room…

 Now Father we come before you. Father we pray for our government. We pray for our present administration. We lift up President Obama to you. We lift up Secretary Sibelius. Father we ask you to bless them. We ask you to bless their families. But Father we say now in the name of Jesus, let this unholy regulation be broken! Father let this yoke be broken! And Father we declare that we will be like Jacob in honor of that which is honorable we will not despise our birthright. And Father we wanna regulate in the name of the Lord that this thing will not stand, in Jesus name.

 …………………… (Chuck’s teaching)………………………..

 So, when I saw that sentence come down about regulation, now Rick it’s really clear. It was as if Connecticut has the authority to regulate the future of the legal structure that will produce a federal rearrangement. Now I don’t know why Connecticut has all that authority. I don’t know why God said it tonight, but I know this; you are coming into a new authority that will help set the course for the future of this nation. You need to receive that authority tonight. Now look around here because there’s enough power in this room to blow this nation into its right order. And I think we have gone way beyond political issues. I think we are now moving into a kingdom dimension we have never been in in the body of Christ and God is giving us great authority to speak a thing then watch it happen. And I want to say to you, I believe you have great authority to help re-regulate the law structure of the federal government here.

 …………………… (Chuck’s teaching)………………………..

 See this is what you got to understand about God. He knows what’s going on in Connecticut in this region with the leaders. He knows about Rick’s church. He knows about Bishop’s church, He knows about Marios’ church, he knows about Todd’s church. He knows everything that’s going on here. And there comes a time where He says let me evaluate what’s happening presently in my gatherings of my kingdom people, that’s what church is.

And so what He did was he caught John up and he began to tell John what each one of those churches had done to well. You see He didn’t start ragging on them and say how bad they were, He said, “this church has done this well”. He commended each one of them. Then He said, “Now here’s the problem I have with this church and why I’m doing this John is because I’m getting ready to do something new.”

Now some churches He didn’t have any problems with so don’t try to create a problem if you don’t have a problem. Philadelphia, He didn’t have any problem with Philadelphia. He didn’t have a problem with two of the churches. But then He said this, “If they’re gonna move forward, here’s what each one is gonna have to do. And He would tell each one of those churches what they would have to do to move forward. He said; if you’re not willing to be taught – I’m gonna instruct each one of you because I’m ready to take the church into its next level of history”.

Now hear me carefully here, “I’m ready to take my people into their next historical shift. And if you’re going to go with me you’re going to have to do this, you’re going to have to do this, you’re going to have to do this”. And if you’ll hear what the Spirit’s saying, you’ll overcome. And the church will make its apostolic shift and move into a transforming mode that is greater than it presently is.

Then He said this to them. He went beyond that.  He said, “Now John, now that I’ve shown you want currently is happening, come up here. I’m gonna give you access and I’m gonna show you what I want to happen in the future.” And John said he heard a voice like a trumpet and at that moment God opened up the entire future to Him of where we would be right now.

Now this is what I want to end with. I have this much faith and confidence in the people of God in Connecticut. You know why? I’ve carried that in my heart since the 70s. I’m not coming to you as a – just a speaker or a prophet, or someone who loves our nation, I’m coming to you as really a part of you here. And I’m saying I have great confidence in this state. I have great confidence in the leaders that even tonight (probably seven if we really tried to pull them out) that have come to this meeting. Therefore, because I have that great confidence and all of us are represented here in a kingdom fashion tonight, I know the Lord’s saying He’s ready for you to come up and go beyond where you have ever been before. He is ready to show you a dimension of worship that is beyond anything you have ever seen before.

He’s ready to show you angelic visitations beyond what you’ve ever experienced before and we’ve all experienced that. He is ready to go beyond and show you what’s been sealed up in Connecticut’s seal that’s never been unlocked before. And He said because you came tonight I now have you on the threshold of the move of God that has now entered your atmosphere.  Each one will begin to draw near to Him in a new way. Every church beginning tomorrow morning He’ll begin to evaluate in a new way; that’s called visitation. So what am I here announcing? The visitation of God, the audit of God, is now in the land governed by boundaries called Connecticut. The great river state where God is ready to go way beyond where He has ever been able to go before.

Let’s stand up.  Father you drew us here tonight. Father we couldn’t have come here out of our own strength nor out of our own will. Matter of fact Father, in the past we’ve had issues with each other and we’ve not wanted to get together but tonight we wanted to get together. Lord we wanted to come; we wanted to worship together tonight. We wanted to lay down any thought barrier that has separated us in the past; because Lord you’re ready to move this region forward. You’re ready to advance some people.

So I would say to you if you would worship together over the next seven months, just as you’ve come tonight and worship together; if you will gather together and worship during these seven months at the places I assign you to worship, I say you will gain access to the keys, the double keys that are above you in My heavenly realms. I say healings that couldn’t come forth in the last season will now come forth. And I say to you, I am calling you now because a government and its regulations hang in the balance, and this state regulates and holds the keys to much of the future of this nation. I say I long to come down and insure the people of this state that I can change a nation. I say shakings will come in the monetarily systems in days ahead and out of Connecticut a new rule and a new measure will rise. Therefore I say tonight if you will hear what the Spirit is saying, you will begin to experience me in a new way. You will preach access. You would decree a returning to my house. You will move into a dynamic of authority that has not been displayed. You will decree a thing and it will begin to happen. I say the elders of this state will begin to come together and I am not looking at age but I am looking at the authority that I have given to the 18 top cities of this state. I say those elders and those leaders whether in the business realm or whether in my kingdom authority of church rule will come together and in their coming together they will begin to decree things that will shake open an economic rule that is not shaken open. I say to you tonight, I am putting you on the front of a movement. I am calling you as a triumphant people to rise up and move to the front lines, saith the Lord. I am causing you in worship on the front lines. I’m causing you to resound on the front lines for I am longing to demonstrate from this state how a hard nut got cracked and how the fruit of that nut spilled out and fed a nation in days ahead.

Now let’s just lift our hands. Father I come tonight, I impart new strength to this incredible, glorious, shining remnant that’s gathered together. I impart a supernatural blessing upon this place as a gathering place for the future. I impart the counsel room of God into this state so that divine counsel will be decreed and many will come to know the Lord. I also decree a short harvest season where many who have gone astray will be re-harvested and come back into the house. Lord tonight we humbly come before you in Connecticut and we cry out we are ready for you to visit this land.

Now just give a cry out into the heavens. Now let’s worship. Let’s worship Him. Let’s worship Him.



Chuck Pierce:

He’s looking at NH, He’s looking at VT, He’s looking at MA, He’s looking at RI and He’s looking at DE. CT has the strongest root that trying to recover in New England. Even though CT probably doesn’t yet realize that their root is so strong, they will come alive and stay there in that state and worship for the year ahead, the root will come alive and produce. This gathering initiates something to work.  We have to realize we have to stay very focused in through September 2020. And we have to stay focused in ways we’ve never stayed focused. We’ve got to strain every nerve to press through that’s how huge this force is that’s what unity really looks like. You have to strain every nerve to tolerate something. And I’m going to tell you I’m here to announce through September 2020 the eye of God will not be taken off of New England.


So, I started asking the Lord about certain things tonight what He would say, and He took me first of all the 1 COR 8 where Paul is dealing with liberty. You see we’re standing and sitting here in the place where the voice of liberty really affected our nation. Now I want you to think about it, some way or another through the last 350 years that voice has gotten twisted. Now in the business world I had a role – it was to help design human resources, one of those roles for me was to make sure women were fully accounted for in the work force. One of those roles were to make sure especially African American women were accounted for in the work force along with others. So I’ve always been assigned to make sure liberty is moving even among those with lesser goals. But some way or another, nobody wants to see women freer than I do – I’m probably the biggest proponent of women in the world. But some way or another the liberty we want women to have has gotten twisted to remove the liberty of a lesser, weaker person – the child. So if somewhere tonight we’re in a crisis to restore the true lost liberty. Where women have liberty over who they are. but they don’t have the liberty to murder so they can be free and government doesn’t have liberty to murder so she can be free. And doctors don’t take their God given liberty and use it wrongly.  One of the things the Lord has shown me in the Word of God since I’ve been involved with Israel since the 70’s. Israel has one of the highest rates of abortion. Once heart is beating – feeling sound of what’s been knit together. The voice has to be realigned in this nation. And if it’s not realigned in this nation it is going to be disastrous to the future generations. Somewhere there’s got to be an untwisting of this thing. Protect our freedom. Mass. is the cradle of liberty but one of most twisted. Somewhere you’ve got to be set free to come into the legality of what God ‘s calling you to be.

I wan to leave you with 3 scriptures:

  1. 2 Kings 11 where set up 3 watches because that which could restore covenant was not in authority to restore. Had to get strategy to get that back in place. Get voice of God and representative of God back in place.
  2. Josiah had priests read Word of God out loud. Year for women to come out.3. Specific for New England is parable of the 10 virgins. God is saying I’m going to redistribute oil to NE, state by state, by state. I’m going to see who stays awake till September 2020.

Those who don’t stay awake in the 13 original states, we’re going to have some real problems. I’m not sure the Lord will bring it around as quickly as before.Mass. you must wake up! You’re moving in some dangerous sleepy ways. You are at a critical place.

This meeting has been sobering, key to be here to hear some timing. We have to kick it up a notch in worship and bringing sound of awakening down. Must mobilize the army, one by one, by one. So we can move the course of history of this land. There’s not one thing that can’t be changed in this nation, but there comes a time when certain things can be changed.

From this place [Boston] where liberty was loosed to nation must unloose voice again to change what can be changed. Anointing afresh causing us to see things we couldn’t see and cry out for things we’ve not cried out for. Saying from this place where voice of freedom and liberty went out, we decree that everything that has become a forked tongue is now going to be healed in Jesus Name, we address the forked tongue and say get ready God is going to heal the voice of this nation.

Dutch Sheets:

As I was processing for tonight the Lord took me to a unique theme and I’ve never shared this message. Try to get big picture context. This is a place [Faneuil Hall, Boston] ofdreams. This whole nation is about dreams of what people believed could be. Covenant and fullness. In studying Genesis, the Hebrew word for create and dream is same. Hidden desire. God put in concept of dream the power to create. Everything started with a dream. God put something of His nature in us. Said, Adam I’m going toreveal to you the secrets of the universe, the ability to find is hidden in the walls here and the power that I hid here to evolve here, and I’m going to create you in My image and likeness because you’re going to be more than angels, you’re going to be my family so I want people I can dream with. I’m going to give you the ability to do what I do – dream about a restored planet. Earth and renewing and refurbishing not the dream, dream was family. Always about people. When you defile the dream. liberty turns into license. He lost the dream, but had already made provision to redeem it.

Abraham in Gen. 12, God’s plan was not just to bless man.It was about God establishing a way He could redeem the dream. I’ll appeal to the nature I put in him to dream….and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. I’m going to give you a dream, and in the fulfillment of that dream, that’s how I’m going to get the redeemer into the earth, and I’m going to get My dream back. America is all about the dream – to raise up a nation that would be the leading voice of the gospel in the earth. America #1 nation to trumpet the message. God is in this, but overriding desire was in our personal freedom. God can take flawed vessels and still work His dream through them. He can heal them, restore them, deliver them …. Gen 26 redeems Abraham’s sin so He can get His dream back. Jacob has a flawed nature also. Promises to give dream though him. Jacob really hadn’t committed to God at this point. 20 years later after Bethel. Until he had encounter at Peniel (face of God)! Bethel is (house of God). Came into His house but didn’t know God or share His dream. Here what He is saying it’s not just your dream – it’s MY Dream! I’m going to use you to be a voice to the nations of the earth. I will be your God so we can dream together.

Throughout history flawed people killed their children, but God has not given up on His dream (America).It’s not about us – it’s about Him and His dream. God’snot going to give up on the Harvest – the family dream. He will remove and judge whatever He needs to, to get His dream. Psalm 2! Peniel and name Faneuil (Hall) has same root. Means face of God. God wrestled with Jacob at the place with this name! We’re going to appeal to God. Jacob sought to appease – sent gifts out – trying to get in someone’s face with a gift. Either try to manipulate or get down and have face to face with me, so we can get down to the dream. The covenant is all about the dream. Covenant with Abraham and America is all about the dream, getting the family back. Hebron

is Covenantal Friendship, this is happening because we are friends. Like a marriage. God wants for all of America and church of America to be His friend in the earth. The powers of darkness trying to steal the dream and friends of God warring to get the dream. Let’s all be friends of God together – would change the world.

Stronghold of liberty in America – ungoverned desires, stream of liberty without restraint (covet). Liberty with license, uncontrolled now you lose your liberty because you refused to have a government over you. This rebellious nation that wants liberty without restrain, I’m going to bring you back through the third great awakening and them back to Me so I can bring those desires back under My Lordship then we can get on together.

So Lord You brought us to this place where these founding fathers met I have to believe there is a prophetic significance of the dream being born at Peniel/ Faneuil! The face of God. Allow Your dream to infiltrate. Now we live for things and refuse to bow the knee, but you’re going to arrest this nation and redeem this nation. You’re bringing this nation back to you, into a living encounter, we’re going to see you face to face, and we’re going to recapture Your dream. And so we say from this place that is referred to as the “womb of the nation”, we say that a new birth has or rebirth has come to this nation. We’re going to say “My God”, going to see shift in heart of this nation, and a shift back into the calling of this nation. There’s a huge harvest waiting for you worldwide. And You’re going to get the family back so we willingly bow the knee.

Chuck Pierce :

We’re willing to wrestle powers and principalities to get your plan of covenant and move forward to accelerate that covenant and we do not want something in the next government that would further remove the plan of freedom that you have for this nation. Father we ask you now to start shifting us. Re-point the compass of New England towards the heavens. We thank you right now for this Divine shift.

* This was transcribed by Lisa Mooradian who was present.

This is a transcript of a prophetic prayer for the state of Connecticut. It was facilitated by Clay Nash and his prayer partners.

Prayer Call April 10, 2023 – Connecticut
Clay Nash: OK. Welcome to Monday, April 10. It’s another week of praying for the 50
states. We’ve now completed 35. The calls have been great. We appreciate all the
response of those of you that are on daily faithful and add your power of agreement,
add your declarations and decrees. We are so thankful for our hosts that are faithful to
come on and our guests. We begin today with the state of Connecticut. Tomorrow night
we’re going to do Vermont. On Wednesday at 2:22 Kentucky. And Thursday Nevada.
And we’ll finish up on Friday with Wyoming. When we finish this week we’ll have 40
done with 10 more to go. Every call is recorded. Every call is transcribed. And also do
not forget to pray about, if you are to be a part of the Josiah Convocation. It’s coming up
April the 20th through the 22nd. I was able to visit and tour the facility that we’ve
secured there. Incredible facility. Please try to be there there with us. Please go to my
website and register there. It’s just gonna be an outstanding time of the Josiah
Company coming together. Not only that, but we are going to pray over all these states.
We’ve got some incredible men and women coming in who’ve been a part of this call
and part of leadership in the United States. So we’re going to be pressing in. I’m gonna
call on Jacquie Tyre there in Georgia to go first today. She has a prophetic word. I have
just read it and my spirit churned. It’s strong. It’s focused. It’s weighty. So Jacquie
release what God has put in your heart.
Jacquie Tyre: Thank you, Clay. The word is a little bit heavy and so I thank you for
reading it ahead of time. Sometimes we just need to make sure that what we are
hearing is what we are hearing and is clear. I just really appreciate everyone that is on
the call with us day after day and just being able to pray for our great nation. This is
what I heard Holy Spirit say:
Connecticut, founded to be a seedbed of hope, prosperity, and wisdom flowing out of

My Kingdom, but overtaken by humanism, the ingenuity of humanity, the force of self-
will, and the pride of the flesh. I have not forgotten you, but the idolatry of humanity has

taken its toll upon your land and its people. Intended to be a powerful hub for My
purposes, you have become a source of mixture, confusion and even, concealed evil,
looking good on the outside but severely lacking on the inside.
But I say, I have not forgotten nor have I forsaken, and I have not left you helpless. No, I
have a remnant that continues to stand strong, not in the power of the flesh, but the
authority of My Spirit. I have a people who have shaken off the entanglements of the
flesh and humanism, and taken on the robes of righteousness, the garments of praise,
and have picked up the sword of My Spirit to hear, see, say and do according to My
Word. These mighty ones of My Spirit are being strengthened, fortified, connected, and
empowered for the day of mobilization and advancement that is coming, for
the day of movement is rising and shall gain momentum on to acceleration to regain
what has been stolen and to restore that which has been trampled underfoot.
Watch and see as the “up and outs” begin to be opened supernaturally to the Gospel of
the Kingdom, for I am orchestrating the opening of a great and effectual door for My
Kingdom to advance.

There is an ancient altar that has defiled the land for thousands of years that will be
revealed. When you see the report of this new discovery, know it is time to move in the
power and authority I have given to root out, pull down, destroy and overthrow, and to
build and plant with greater strength than previously seen.
Father, I thank you for Connecticut. I thank you for your purpose, your call, your destiny,
and your assignment upon this land. I thank you, Father, that you have not forsaken,
nor have you forgotten what you have intended over Connecticut. That it is a land of
covenant; it is a land of constitution; it is a land of great prosperity. But it has been,
Father, even taken into the prosperity it has been taken captive to humanism and the
gods of this age. But, God, we decree over Connecticut that Connecticut is coming into
freedom. Coming into the liberty secured by the Spirit of the living God. That there is a
coming forth of a fresh new wind of the Spirit across Connecticut. There is a
strengthening of the Saints of God across Connecticut that will rise up as a mighty
army. That they shall deal with this false altar that shall be revealed, it shall be
overtaken. It shall be overcome. And there shall be the altar of the Lord that rises out of
Connecticut that will bring forth the light and the glory and the grace of the Lord. And
Father, even now I pray for what you termed the “up and outs”. Those that have great
prosperity, those that have everything that they need at their fingertips and disposal,
everything they need except for You. And, Lord, that you are beginning to move and
You are opening up hearts. That in the midst of all of the prosperity. And all of the
wealth. And all of the education. And all of the greatest of what humanity can offer. You
are moving in and causing all of that to be as nothing because they see the greatness of
who You are. So, Father, I pray for a wave of salvation among the “up and outs”, among
those that have plenty but do not have You. That they will come into the fullness of
having the fullness of You and know that You are the greatest treasure ever. So I
decree salvation over Connecticut; Deliverance; and a reestablishing of covenant
purposes for the Constitution that You have for this land to be advanced in the mighty
name of Jesus. Amen
Clay Nash: All right, Jacquie, thank you for that strong prophetic word. Father, we just
declare your word is settled in heaven. And we declare that that word is brooding over
the state of Connecticut. And You have plans to do exceedingly, abundantly above
anything that we can think or ask. So Father, we just come in agreement with Your will
being done in the state of Connecticut.
Regina Shank, there in Missouri, you have a prophetic word for the state of Connecticut.
What’s in your heart?
Regina Shank: Yes, I do. Thank you so much. It pretty much fits with what Jackie has
already said, but this is what I heard for Connecticut.
I will connect you to others in your territory that will become a threefold chord!! A new
sound will come out of Connecticut. It’s a viola sound; it’s a drum sound; it’s a whining
desperate sound, but one that will reach the courts of heaven. This sound will move

through the liberal agenda; it will move and overpower the sound of “woe is me”, the
sound of organic glee; the sound of “what’s in it for me?”
You must hear it before you make it. Listen it will be released in your quiet place.
Suddenly the drums of change will beat the march of victory. Suddenly the quiet will
hear the mournful whining of the intercessor, who releases the cry of deep calls to deep.
Suddenly the viola will play its solo, being joined by those who will gather to hear the
The audience of one will suddenly become a choir of some; Suddenly the choir of some
will become the choir or many. The pioneers will gather releasing new vision, new
positioning, and new mantling for this next season. Others will follow their own way.
Pioneers come forth; come together. It’s time for fresh vision.
The government of Connecticut will shift from old to new; old seats will be removed;
new seats will be positioned, not only in the natural government but in the spiritual
government. I am setting in place my Kings and Priests. The battle will be won. Arise
Connecticut, the new sound, the new chord is coming together, three in one. Sound the
alarm. Come together pioneers. Ignore what is a distraction. See the vision; see the
hope; see what I can do in your state.
So, Lord, we decree into Connecticut the coming together of the threefold sound that is
coming forth out of Connecticut. The Viola. The drum. The whining sound of the
intercessors. God, we thank you, Father, that You are going to hear those sounds and
You are going to bend low and You are going to come and change a state because of
those who are pioneering yet again and making a new road through the wilderness.
Father, I thank You for those pioneers. Those that see what others do not see. Those
that have heard what others have not heard. And those who are willing to take the risk
to go into new territory in the state of Connecticut. Father, I thank you. The old is going
away and the new is coming and the fresh vision is coming. It’s blind like blind
Bartimaeus crying out, “Son of David, have mercy on me. Son of David, have mercy on
me.” And the Lord has heard the intercessors cry out for mercy and cry out for
intervention. That the blindness of the religious group in Connecticut would be removed.
And the eyes would be opened to see God on another level; in a new way. God, we just
decree over Connecticut that You are going to open the eyes and their hearts and the
ears of their hearts. And they will hear and see again. And they will move in a fresh, new
way to bring forth your presence with a new purpose in the state of Connecticut Amen
Clay Nash: Alright Regina, we thank you for those strong prophetic words and your
declarations and decree. We come in agreement with it, and we declare, Lord, Your will
be done in Connecticut.
We are honored today to have Sheila Kimball on with us. She is state coordinator of
National Day of Prayer. And she was contacted by a friend of mine Jana. She has made
herself available to come on. So Sheila, I’m gonna call on you now for some things that
you need to share that are prayer needs for the state of Connecticut. Please do so.

Then make those declarations and decrees that God has placed in your heart. Thank
you again for making yourself available in your busy schedule to be on the call.
Sheila Kimball: It is my pleasure. Praise the Lord. Father, I thank You and praise You
for how You have encouraged my heart by just the words that have been spoken and
how right on they have been. Father, I just want to ask Your forgiveness for our state
that has been so into itself and so into a selfishness and greed and other things that,
Lord, we just confess, Lord, is not of You. It is not pleasing of You and Lord, we ask Your
forgiveness for this horrendous thing that we’ve been doing, Lord. Making laws that do
not agree with Your word in am particular, Lord, take the abortion up to birth
amendment. Lord, I pray it would be defeated in Jesus’ name. I pray that abortion would
no longer be on our Constitution, part of our constitution for our state. I pray, Father,
that this bill would be defeated. I pray assisted suicide would be defeated in Jesus’
name. Father. I pray, that the value of people would be greater than the value of money.
I pray, Father, that people would have the right mind and the right heart. And I thank You
for the change that is coming based on these prophetic words that have already been
spoken. I agree with them. I thank You for them. Father, I thank You and praise You that
The fear of the Lord would be released over this state for it is the beginning of wisdom
that men and women and children would have a reverence for God again and would
have a heart after You and Your word and Your will. And we would make laws and rules
and decisions in agreement with Your word. And we thank You and praise You. I declare
and decree that Connecticut, Jesus Christ is Lord of Connecticut and Connecticut shall
again be honorable in the sight of God, as the Constitution state it was predestined to
be. In Jesus name, Amen.
Clay Nash: Alright. Thank you, Sheila, for that. We just come in agreement with your
words and we back them up. Not just with our prayers today on this call, but
intercession over those words to come to pass in the days to come.
Pat, in Illinois I wanna call on you now. But I wanna say this, I hope many of you, all of
you on the call, are aware that there has been a tragic shooting in Louisville, KY. We
ask that you pray for the state of Kentucky on Wednesday. My last report, six people
lost their lives in the shooting. I don’t have the details about it but make this not just a
matter of prayer while we’re on the call. But make this a matter of prayer. Let me just
share with you, I read an article where someone was planning to shoot up a school
somewhere and the parents got wind of it and they turned their own son in to get some
help. We must move past our shame. In our friends and our family members. To move
into that place where we will be responsible. Not just in prayer. But in getting them the
help that they need and preserving the lives of the innocent. And so as you will make
plans to set aside some time for the state of Kentucky in this tragic loss, be sure to join
with us on Wednesday for the call.
So, Pat, what’s in your heart?
Pat McManus: Thank you, Clay, for the opportunity. And I just come in agreement with
what’s been shared and Father, we do pray for Kentucky that it would experience the

peace of God, the rule of God, the love of God, the mercy of God, and the grace of God
and the revelation of God on that state.
As I was praying and thinking about today, I looked up Connecticut. It was the 5th state
in the nation which is a constitutional state according to the book that was put out. I got
to thinking about it this way. The Lord showed me a word of foundation. Psalm 102
verse 25: Of old You laid the foundations of the Earth, and the heavens are the work of
Your hand. With that verse, I got the foundation of the constitutional structure that
Connecticut was one of the very foundational statements and states that would truly
align to establish the Constitution for our land. So I’m going to pray it this way:
Father, I thank You that the foundation is being reset and the old structures are
beginning to crumble in Connecticut. That Father, You are releasing a strategy of
Kingdom Understanding and Kingdom advancement is being expressed and
demonstrated in Connecticut. Father, we thank You that You are realigning the state into
a clear sound of reformation as You tear down the systems of old and that which needs
to be removed will be removed. Father, we declare this day that idol worship and the
Baal structure and the astropulse that function within Connecticut will be dismantled.
Father, we say to the Gideons, the Joshuas and the Jehus, we declare “rise up in the
state and begin to move forward with the authority of the advancing revelation that’s
being imparted to you to truly see the movement of heaven come upon the land”. We
thank You, Father, that You are muting and muzzling the ox that is trying to dismantle or
disrupt Your foundational expression. But Father, You are causing those that need to be
offered on the sacrifice as the Baal altars are being dismantled. Father, we say this day,
let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done. Let the power of Your name be seen. So,
Father, restore the foundational expression of what You did from the very beginning that
Connecticut will come into its right time order and seeing the fulfillment of Your words,
the expression of Your heart, and the revelation of Your hand revealed upon that land.
We thank You, Father. In Jesus name, Amen.
Clay Nash: Alright. Thank you, Pat. Strong declaration there. We come in agreement
with them. Ken Malone there in Florida, great to have you on. What’s in your heart?
Ken Maone: Clay, I’m honored to be on. I’m honored to pray for the state of
Connecticut. God, I believe that God is going to manifest His glory there. As I was
reading about Connecticut today and it being a constitutional state, as Pat brought out. I
heard the Lord say Acts 3, verse 19-21. I wanna read this. It says. And now you,
Connecticut, must repent and turn back to God so that your sins will be removed and so
that times of refreshing will stream from the Lord’s presence and He will send You Jesus
the Messiah, the Appointed One. For He must remain in heaven until the restoration of
all things has taken place. Father, I thank You for that. God, I thank You that You are
restoring Connecticut. And that word restoration, many of us know this, it actually
means to reconstitute. And so, Lord, I believe that You are reconstituting this
constitution state. You’re going to reconstitute it according to Your plans and according
to Your purpose. And Father, I decree, Lord, that You are raising up apostles and
prophets, Lord, out of Connecticut, Lord, that will have a strong voice to that state that

will stand in the place of authority and will stand in the seats of authority to decree,
Connecticut’s realignment according to Your constitution. Father, I thank You for a great
outpouring of Holy Spirit that will be upon Connecticut. And, God, that signs and
wonders and miracles, God, from Your hand will begin to stream forth, Lord, from that
state. In Yeshua’s name, Father, I thank You God, for the many, many souls coming into
Your Kingdom within this state, Father. And, God, I give You praise, God, that You have
not finished with Connecticut. It’s not done. It’s not complete. You’re coming in power
and You’re coming in glory. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.
Clay Nash: Alright, Ken, we come into agreement with that.
You know, as I was doing some meditation on the state of Connecticut, when you look
at it, there’s the word “connect” and the word “cut”. And I heard the Lord say that there’s
some connections in Connecticut that I’m about to cut them loose. I’m about to dig
down where the root of this darkness has been prevailing. And I’m about to cut them off
at the root, says the Lord. For that, that I have for Connecticut is to arise up out of the
mundane and rise up into the nobility that is up on that state. For there was a time that
the sound, the voice, and the direction of Connecticut found was a foundational thing for
the United States. But the Lord said it made turns towards false altars were built. But
the Lord said I am raising up boots on the ground in the state of Connecticut. And as
they go through the state once again in prayer, I’m going to tear down the false altars.
I’m going to deal with Baal in a complete new way. And I’m going to have those things
which man has set up to be trodden under foot. Get ready, Connecticut, because I am
brooding over you in a new way. I’m brooding over you, for there is a divine reversal
coming to the state of Connecticut. Watch and see, says the Lord. For those that have
set themselves up that they cannot be removed, will be removed, says the Lord. But
those that are in place, that are not seeking my counsel and the Council of my Spirit or
the wisdom of the Kingdom, I’m about to bring heart changing effect to them. And as this
comes, there will certainly be a shift across Connecticut. So, I say unto the hearts that
can hear in the state of Connecticut, get ready because shift is coming because I am
causing Heaven to bring about a great and mighty shift among the people, the leaders
in Connecticut, and even those who have been lukewarm, those who have been hidden
out, I’m about to cause a fire to burn in their spirit again and they’re going to come out of
the obscure places and they’re going to become My authority in the state of
Connecticut. And My authority will roar. Roar. Roar. And I say it unto the people of
Connecticut, let the words declared out of your mouth be welcome to the roaring 20s.
And Connecticut, for this roar will be the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. And it will
be a roar that will begin to shake things. And it will also will shift things. Get ready, says
the Lord.
Anything from the other hosts stirring in the hosts? Anything before we ask Jenna
Conyard to close us out today in prayer? Alright, everyone is happy. It has been a
great call. Jenna, thank you for your years of friendship. You are an intercessor. Your
actually on one of our intercessory teams for Susan and I. I so appreciate who you are
and what you carry there in the state of Connecticut. I appreciate the connection with

Sheila today as well. I appreciate her prayer. Jenna, just for the release of things that
are in your heart.

Jenna Konoir: Before I do, I just wanna thank each of you hosts just for being so
diligent in these prayer calls and for seeking the Lord and hearing from Him and
releasing it. We are grateful. And so, Father, I wanna thank You so much for this call
today. As a resident of this state and as one who prays regularly for Connecticut and for
our nation, I receive what has been spoken today, what has been decreed today, be it
admonishment, as well as the encouragement. And, Father, I again, as a resident of the
state, I do acknowledge and repent on behalf of our state for the things we have done
over the years that are not of You. And I thank You so much that You are a God of
forgiveness. You are God of mercy, and that mercy triumphs over judgment in every
way. Father, again the encouragement from this call. The words You have for the
remnant. There is a mighty remnant here in this state. And I speak that encouragement I
come into agreement with the encouragement. Let there be a fresh wind that just fills
them up. Father, I also just want to acknowledge that we recognize that it is not by
might, not by power, it’s only by Your Spirit and by Your great mercy, that we can receive
such an abundant blessing of the revival wind that’s coming. A second chance. Another
way to just get our eyes focused on You. So, Father, thank You. Thank You, thank You. I
just want to again agree with what has been spoken. Receive it as much as I can on
behalf of Connecticut, Father. And I look forward to how these words will unfold. We are
grateful people, Lord. We are grateful people and I’m so grateful for the righteous roots
that we have here in this state. And for all the prayers that have gone on before the way
that we were founded. The prayers that You alone know over the years and decades.
Father, the ones that so many who may be listening to this call today. Have been a part
of our state capital and our zoom calls and all the different ways that the remnant has
just lifted up Connecticut. Father, I thank You that You do not lose one prayer. That they
all matter. And we are looking forward to the day when the bowls of heaven will be
tipped out and we will experience what has been spoken in this call today. We receive
it. And I thank You so much for that. I just thank you, God. I thank You for Your nature
that You are so full of mercy. And power. And love and goodness. Thank You, Lord, in
Jesus name. Amen.
Clay Nash: Alright. Yeah. Thank you, Jenna. Good. Good close to today’s call. I wanna
first pray for the state of Kentucky and everyone that’s been affected, traumatized,
whatever by this tragic shooting there. I wish I had more details, but I don’t.
But I also wanna say, one of the things that rose in my heart during this call, didn’t have
it before, but I call forth in the state of Connecticut those that are in inventors, those that
are creators of new ideas, I declare that entrepreneurship that brought forth the cotton
gin, brought forth the submarine, brought forth the things that came forth out of the
people of Connecticut, I declare that there is a new release of the Spirit of creation. A
new release of the of the Spirit of inventions and new technology that’s gonna come
forth. I call those people to be awakened by the Spirit of God and Kingdom of God and
come forth into their place of destiny.

Now, Father, we lift up everyone in Kentucky who’s been affected by this tragic, tragic
shedding of innocent blood; taking of innocent life. And we just speak peace that
surpasses all understanding. We declare healing. We declare that fear will not get ahold
of people. We declare Your will be done in this situation there in Kentucky. We lift them
up. And we stand in agreement for Your will being done in Yeshua’s name. Amen.
Remember tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time we’re going to be praying for the
state of Vermont. And if there’s anyone from Vermont on the call today, if you would
please e-mail me at I would like to speak to you about tomorrow night’s
call. I’m looking to connect with some boots on the ground there. And so if you write me
right away, we’ll get something worked out where we can speak. Will be on here
tomorrow night.
Remember the Josiah Company Convocation coming up April 20th through the 22nd
Several people writing me saying I wanna come but waiting for God to make the way, let
me help you with that. This is how faith works. Decide that you’re coming. And then faith
will kick in and make a way. We would love for us to join us. We believe that it will be a
very significant time. In fact, I’m still processing. I find it interesting, I tried the state of
Texas to host this Josiah’s convocation. Did not work out. I tried the state of Ohio. It did
not work out. We ended up putting it here in Arkansas. And Sunday, Chuck Pierce
released an incredible, dynamic word about the generals that have come out of
Arkansas and are coming out of Arkansas. And got to hear the word personally. People
have called me with it. We are going to be in agreement with that word. We’re gonna
work that word. And it makes me wonder why nothing opened up except Arkansas for
the Josiah Company Convocation. Josiah was more righteous than any other kings
before his time or after according to God’s word. He was also very young when he took
his place as king. So God bless you. Thank you all the hosts, all the participants and we
thank you, Sheila and Jenna for being on with us today and representing the state of Connecticut and God bless you all.