House of Good Hope Israel Missions Team

Today is the first day of the month of Av. What a better day to start a blog on our Israel missions trip! Someone at my office, a young girl suggested that I write a blog describing our trip. That way we can keep people posted and what we’re doing while in Israel.  I will do this as often as I can.

Our missions team has been reading books and watching videos about Israel, especially the history of this marvelous country. There are four of us going on this mission trip:

  • Carol Bracken

  • Deb McCann

  • Margarita Cuevas

  • Audrey McIntyre

We are all going on this trip by faith. We’ve all done fundraising, worked extra hours on our jobs, sold things; anything we can do to raise money for this missions trip. I am amazed at the faith and the tenacity of my friends! None of us are young girls, all are in our 50s & 60s. Yet even in our middle years, we’re all up for an adventure, even with little to no money! Two of us are on SSI, and one is between jobs.

And God has been so good to all of us! Somehow the money has been coming in, sometimes slowly sometimes quickly, but all miraculously! if you are reading this blog, please keep two of us in prayer? Margarita and Deb are still working towards getting money for the trip. They have most of the money in, but still need another $1,000. Please pray the Lord will bless all four of us with the finances to go?

Right now I’ve been praying through some of my own fears and concerns. We’ve been doing the Tabernacle format of prayer at the house of prayer, and one thing that the Lord has taught us is when we’re at the Altar of Sacrifice, we must throw everything into the fire. All all of our worries or concerns, our fears, our hopes, our desires, as well as our sins. All must go through the fire. This is a place of unloading and unburdening; a place of letting go. So, as I was unburdening myself, I found I have a lot of concerns about this missions trip, possibly even a little fear. One of my biggest concerns is the airline that we will be flying on to get to Israel. We are going on a Russian airline, Aeroflot, flying a connector flight to Tel Aviv by way of Moscow. I’ve read the reviews online about this airline company, and they have not been very good! The airline has a reputation of losing luggage, not making connections on time, not to mention the two Aeroflot airplanes crashing within the last year! I’ve been doing a whole lot of praying in this area. But I trust in the Lord. I believe in a good and a great God! I believe that if the Lord wants us to fly to Israel by way of Moscow, there must be some sort of reason. God in his sovereignty, is leading us into a divine setup.  Our missions team have been praying together about this trip, and we all have a sense of destiny. I totally believe that our lives are going to be changed dramatically because of thi missions trip. We’re all excited about our going, even though 1-2 of us may be experiencing a little apprehension.

As you read these blogs, please keep us in prayer? Pray the Lord will remove fear, apprehension, etc. and will provide every last penny so all four of us can make this trip.

One thing we want to do is have enough money to bless some of the ministries we’ll be visiting. If you want to partner with us in this, you can send a check to:

House of Good Hope
P.O. Box 4042
Hartford CT 06147-4042

Or you can donate through our website:

Some of us have fundraising pages through GoFundMe (Margarite Cuevas) and GiveSendGo (Carol Bracken, Audrey McIntyre). You can donate to each of us personally as well.

Many thanks and blessings to you,
Audrey Church McIntyre