House of Good Hope

Hi, my name is Audrey Church McIntyre and I’m the senior leader of House of Good Hope in Hartford. I’ve written many articles here in the past, but have never written what I consider a formal “blog”. As one of my goals for this year, today, January 1, 2019 I’m starting this blog. This will be about what I call my “Adventures in Jesus-Land”: My personal and ministry walk with the Lord.

My prayer is that you join with me and pray for me as I share my heart with you?

Many years ago the Lord had laid it on my heart to write a book about my spiritual journey. Over the years I’ve written notes in many various places, filled many journals and books with all that I’ve been hearing from the Lord. But the notes were never organized and the book never fully came into fruition. My sister – a web designer and teacher on how to use social media – has been encouraging me to write a blog, One thing she said that especially struck my heart is this: “If you start a blog and faithfully write in it daily, by the end of the year your book would be written.” So here it is, the start of a new year, 1-1-19. Wouldn’t this be a great time to start a blog? I don’t know if I can do this daily, but if I write even just a weekly or monthly blog, this book may finally be born! Whoever reads this, please pray for me? Pray that I be consistent in this new adventure? I’ve started many projects including a YouTube channel, but have never followed through. As you join with me in this journey through my blogging, pray that a book would be born?

Here’s my story:
I’ve always had a passion for Jesus since the day I fully surrendered my life to Him. There was a holy hunger that consumed me. I was madly, passionately in love with the Lord ever since I gave my life to Him and this was never a half-way thing for me. I belonged to Jesus and He belonged to me!  That day so long ago, July 22, 1978 was the beginning of a lifelong wild and crazy adventure, and it hasn’t stopped since. I pray that it never stops until the day I meet my beloved Lord and Savior in heaven.  There have been excruciatingly dark times in my life, but I’ve always been given a deep joy and hope that always carried me through.

Over the years I became a single mother, along with all of the financial struggles, hard work and the loneliness that accompanies single motherhood. Those years drove me to press into God even more. Many long, lonely hours were spent in relentless travail and prayer. I pressed into God as never before, because as what Simon Peter once said, where else can I go? Who else can I turn to? Through all of the many hours of prayer, the Lord revealed Himself to me in such sweet miraculous ways! I started a small weekly prayer group in my home, and invited my friends to join me in pursuing the Lord through worship and prayer. As we prayed, the Lord started speaking to me about my laying everything down and entering into full-time ministry. He told me He was raising me up in leadership, that what was to be birthed through me would affect the 4 corners of the world. I was astounded when I first started hearing this. I certainly didn’t look like someone the Lord wanted to use in that capacity! I’m a poor single mother, twice divorced. I didn’t think leaders or for that fact, anyone in the organized church ever took me seriously. And the Lord was speaking this….. to me!

One day at sunrise one of my prayer partners and I were prayerwalking a local school as we usually did the weekend before school started. We would pray for the teachers, the schools – for their protection and the Lord would permeate the school grounds. This time Holy Spirit – the Ruach Ha Kodesh came to us as we prayed and He overwhelmed both of us. We both had to hang onto a nearby fence in order to remain upright, His Presence was so heavy upon us!

I heard Holy Spirit ask one question to me:

Are you willing?

I wasn’t even sure exactly what the Lord was asking me to do at that time, what it would look like or where I was to go.  But whatever it was, I knew it was BIG!!!   I told God I was a twice-divorced woman, a single mother with no money. And no one took me seriously! How could I do whatever He was asking me to do? Even though I wasn’t quite sure what was asked of me, I knew it was going to be huge, even worldwide. I was so painfully aware of how incapable I was to accomplish this, whatever it was. I was painfully aware that I couldn’t do it.

Then I heard the question again:

Are you willing?

I then raised my hands and said: “Yes Lord, I am willing”. At that moment a heavy burden for the lost overwhelmed my heart. Later that day I was at a store and broke out in tears, on the verge of travailing prayer. The store was packed with people, but how many of them know Jesus? I felt so incapable, yet my heart ached for their souls. I knew at that moment I felt just a small taste of how the Lord’s heart breaks for those who don’t know Him. At that time I wasn’t called to evangelize. I was called to pray.

In 2001, the LORD called me to build Him a house of prayer. He kept saying this to me over and over whenever I prayed: “Build ME a House of Prayer”. In 2004, the Lord revealed this house of prayer was to be located in Hartford and it’s name is to be HOUSE OF GOOD HOPE. At about that time I discovered that was the original name of the city of Hartford when it was an old Dutch fort located on the banks of the Connecticut River. I knew that I knew that I knew there was to be a house of prayer in Hartford, Connecticut’s state capital and it was to prophetically take on the original name of it’s settlement. Hartford was to rediscover it’s destiny – it is called to be a city of hope….good hope……GOD’s hope. I saw this as an “intercessory assignment” and began praying it in, asked the Lord to raise up someone who would start this house of prayer. Little did I know the person God wanted to raise up was me! Again I tried to argue with the Lord about His choice. I’m not the “right kind” of person to lead a house of prayer! I’m a poor middle-aged woman who no one took seriously. I didn’t see myself as a good leader, in fact I didn’t even know how to be a leader. Especially a leader of a house of prayer! But the Lord made it very clear to me that I was to move to Hartford and I was to start this house of prayer. Over the years I was given many prophetic words, even those who were my spiritual leaders and authorities asked me when am I moving to Hartford? So, even though I don’t like cities, and especially didn’t like Hartford, in 2005 I sold my home in Stafford and moved to Bloomfield. I felt I needed to move into Hartford by degrees. I needed to get used to this. I was alone, my daughter was in college at that time and the city frightened me. Hartford, with it’s crime and poverty, and not being a “white” city scared me. I’m a country girl from the Midwest, this was something totally out of my paradigm.

In 2007, I was shown a house on Brown Street, and used all of my money to buy it. A house of prayer was finally born in Hartford! I didn’t know how to bring people in and spent many hours praying alone. Every time I did, I declared: “Lord, there is now a House of Prayer in Hartford and there is someone praying in it, even if it’s only me!”

In 2012 HOUSE OF GOOD HOPE was born
I knew I needed to learn how to run a house of prayer, but at that time there were not a lot of manuals written to teach us how to do it. There also were no other prayer houses in Connecticut that I knew of. Where was I going to learn how to do this? Here I am, alone in doing this and not knowing who to ask for help or how to learn to do it. So I started to visit other houses of prayer outside of New England, spent most of my time reading books and watching video teachings from Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC). Almost every house of prayer I encountered used the “harp & bowl” format of worship and intercession that came out of IHOPKC . When I visited other houses of prayer, I saw how they all patterned their prayer “sets” or prayer meetings after IHOPKC. They all had at least one prayer meeting using the harp & bowl format of worship and intercession. I love this format, it is so beautiful! It seemed to flow and encourage prayer sets & meetings to last for hours. I saw how it worked for them and I desperately wanted something similar in House of Good Hope. There was such a great longing in me for the harp & bowl format of worship and intercession, I carried this longing inside me for years.

Problem is: harp & bowl never worked here, not at House of Good Hope. We don’t have musicians, even though we prayed (and are still praying!) for the Lord to bring them in. Musicians have come and gone during different seasons, but no one stayed. No one caught the vision or had the heart to help with building this house of prayer. The Lord also revealed to me that I’m not to lead worship even though I had been a church worship leader in the past. I’m not to learn to play a guitar or a keyboard, in fact I wasn’t allowed to even purchase a guitar or keyboard for others to use to lead worship. The only thing I’m to do is continue to use YouTube or worship cds. So we continue to pray for musicians. We’ve been praying for musicians for years, and even though we’ve had visiting musicians come in and out, no one stayed. No one became part of House of Good Hope. No one had a vision for this house of prayer or wanted to partner with us in this work. The harp & bowl format really never took off here on a consistent basis. We’ve held many powerful prayer meetings with visiting musicians on special occasions, but that’s it. Also, when musicians did come to lead us, It never was true harp & bowl, just variations and mostly prophetic worship. No one stayed. I wanted musicians so much! I wanted someone to lead us into the Presence of God. I would have even taken a teenager who knew only 2 chords on a guitar! But for some reason no musicians came, and if they did come, they didn’t stay or partner with us. They all left after very short seasons.

On my way to church one Sunday morning, I suddenly felt a huge urge to repent. In fact, my heart was so tenderized, I wanted to pull over so I could have a good cry. But I was on the highway, almost to church and was running late. After I got to the church, I took out my notebook and wrote down all that I was hearing the Lord say to me. Tears came to my eyes as I wrote this:

“Audrey, stop trying to copy someone else’s format and someone else’s blueprint of a house of prayer. I want to give you a NEW blueprint, but you keep trying to copy others! Do not use what others have done. Your house of prayer is called to be different. You are called to be unique. Dare to be different. Dare to imagine! Dare to be unique!.

I am redesigning you. I am redesigning House of Prayer, the whole House of Prayer movement. Would you dare to go in a different way…..for ME??

Use what I am giving you. I am opening a door to show you what I am calling you to do. Would you dare to go through that open door? Would you dare to be different? Do you have the courage to be unique?

I’m giving you a blueprint for prayer. Look in MY Word for the blueprint. Look at the Tabernacle. This is MY blueprint. This is the blueprint I had designed and I gave it to Moses. Now I give this to you.

The harp & bowl blueprint is what I gave to someone else. This prayer model is from ME, and yes, it’s beautiful, powerful and effective. But I did not give it to you, I gave it to someone else. I am now giving something different to you. Would you dare to use it? Do you have the courage to develop it? Do you have the courage to break the mold?

Develop the Tabernacle format of worship, prayer and intercession. Take it further. Use it.

Behold I’ve given you Bible verses to use in the Tabernacle. I will give you more. Tabernacle prayer and worship is throughout My word but it has yet to be fully discovered by My people. Will you go on a treasure hunt with Me? Will you be willing to look for this, use this and teach it to your people?

Take your people into the Tabernacle. Take your people into the Holy of Holies. I DARE you to use this! I will show you how to use this. Take it further than Cho. Dare to use this in every prayer that you lead.

• I am giving this to you.
• It is My gift to you.
• Steward this well.
• Develop this well.

It is MY Gift and I give it to you. Use it.

Over the last several years I’ve used many different prayer patterns as I lead prayer – from John Eckhardt and Cindy Trimm’s prophetic declaration and spiritual warfare models to the Courts of Heaven. I even used ancient prayer models such as contemplative prayer or Lectio Divina.

One of the prayer models we used was developed by Dr Yongghi Cho in South Korea, called the “Tabernacle Prayer”. This is an anointed prayer revealed by Holy Spirit to Dr. David Yongghi Cho. Dr Cho is the pastor of Yoido Full Gospel, a Korean church that is one of the largest churches in the world today with over 4 million members. God revealed this prayer to Dr. Cho over 50 years ago in the country of Formosa when he was teaching ministers how to preach and how to pray. He says that prayer is like “jogging: you decide the course or track to follow before you start.” He’s a strong believer in the use of prayer patterns or prayer models on a daily basis. He believes we all need some sort of prayer structure to keep us focused. “You cannot pray effectively unless you decide the course to take”. Now Dr. Cho attributes the success of his 50 years of ministry efforts to faithfully worshipping God and praying using the Tabernacle format during his devotional times. He’s taught this prayer model to many others, including Marilyn Hickey.

In my next blog, I will start sharing what Holy Spirit has been teaching us on how to use the Tabernacle Prayer model and what has happened when we use it.

Again I ask whoever reads this, please pray for me?

Broken Vials

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of God that will stand”.  Proverbs 19:21

This morning as I was spending time in prayer at the house of prayer, I suddenly had a vision of myself, as well as the whole body of Christ in our western culture.  I suddenly saw how we all are individual vials, and when we come together, we still remain in our hard little vials.  We don’t truly mingle together, we don’t become vulnerable with one another, we don’t truly even love each other.  The Presence of God isn’t fully released because there is no mixing together, no crying out together.  Our churches are individual vials and we don’t mix with other churches.  We, in our individuality all come together, yet we don’t mix with the others.

I see how the Lord gives each of us vision  in our journeys with Him and calls us to His assignments.  Our eyes are opened to the importance of the vast call on our lives – something so incredible and much bigger than us!  (this isn’t just about me, I believe everyone has an incredible call on their lives – some haven’t yet discovered it).  But then His assignments become “our” assignments, “our” ministries, “our” callings.  Pride sets in.  We don’t see the reason for the assignments the Lord gives us is for the Greater Cause.  All we can see is what we are called to do.  We can’t see how what we do fits together with all the other things that are going on around us.   There is no laying down our lives for each other.  There is no preferring of one another.  We come together, but we all take our places to do “our” ministries, yet there is little mingling.

There is so much pride in all of us!  We can’t see beyond ourselves.  We are the centers of our universe and as far as we’re concerned, nothing much else happens apart from us.  As I saw this in myself as well as in others, my heart broke.  I cried as I saw this was so evident in me, and it is in everyone who I know and love; every ministry, every individual!  Much of it, if not all comes from our American culture.  It is so painful to see how little our American Christianity is truly Biblical! It is also so painful to see how little effect we have on the world because of our American individuality.  There is so very little mingling of our vials.

I am painfully aware this is one of the main reasons we don’t see revival come to our land.  Many of us have been crying out for revival for years, even decades, but we see little results.  Why?  Could it be because we are so caught up in what we’re doing we neglect to do the greatest thing:  die to self?  Even lay down our lives for one another?  We all know the Scriptures and we quote them to each other as well as preach them from our pulpits:

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.  For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it”.  Luke 9:23-24

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends”.  John 15:13

It is a rare thing when I meet someone who is full of humility.  I’ve met very few people who actually practice these Scriptures!  We all say we do, including myself.  But do we actually?  When leaders get together, what is the topic of our conversation?  Is it, “how can I help you?”, or “how can I serve you?”  or “how can I see your ministry grow?”  Or are other subjects discussed?  Do we really know how to serve one another in love?  Or is what we do still is all about us with very little left over for anything else outside our sphere of influence?  I saw this my heart, and had to spend considerable time in repentance this morning.  I saw my pride, my worship of my individuality, even my worship of “my” vision in building this house of prayer.  I saw how my attitude is so wrong!  Do I truly serve others?  Do any of us ever truly serve others?  Or do we just care for those who are part of “our” ministry, “our” thing?

Do any of us truly want revival?  Or do we just want to see our individual assignments and callings prosper?  That is the question I’m asking right now.  What is the Greater Cause?  Let’s get beyond that.  The assignments we’re called to is not ours.  It was never ours and it will never be ours.  The Lord created us to be together, to work together.  Yes, we all are unique individuals with different callings.  But the reason why the Lord created us to be unique is so our unique flavors can be released as we blend together to make that awesomely incredible fragrance in our worship to God!  Just as we desperately need the Lord, we also desperately need each other.  We need to pray together, we need to worship together, we need to work together, we need to play together.  It doesn’t matter which denominational tribe we belong to.  Our theologies don’t matter.  When we reach the Throne Room of God’s Glory, we will suddenly realize how little our theologies matter.  What matters is the fact that if we are brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to learn how to love one another.  We need to learn how lay down our lives for one another through our love for one another.

I admit that I’m not even close to where I see I need to be in this, but I want to be!  I plan to make this my goal for 2016.  I invite you to join me in this.  Let’s all do a heart check?  What is most important to you: see transformation and revival come to our land, or see ourselves and our assignments prosper?  Are we truly willing to lay down our individuality, even our assignments for the Greater Cause?

Break us open Lord?  Break our vials, Lord!  



Monday nights 7-9 pm
School of Prayer
Studies in the Bride of Christ, from Genesis through Revelation.
This is a study of our covenant relationship with Jesus as His beloved Bride.

Wednesday mornings 8-10 am
Morning Prayer

Prepare the Bride


In our School of Prayer, this past Monday night, we started a new series called “Studies in the Bride of Christ from Genesis thru Revelation”.  It stimulated quite a bit of lively conversation in light of the Paris attacks.  We discussed Ephesians 5:27 – “….so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish”.  Also, Revelation 21:2 – “And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband….”

We discussed ways on how the Lord prepares His Bride.  How does the Lord prepare His Bride?  We all acknowledged the way it looks now — we the Church, Jesus’ Bride are certainly not ready yet!  We all still see lots of spots and wrinkles in ourselves individually as well as corporately. We talked about how in past history God allows persecution, even martyrdom to purify His church.  We discussed how Christianity grew and thrived in the midst of terrible persecution, even in recent years in places like Communist China as well as in other nations.

We asked if could it be possible that the Lord might be using these recent acts of terrorism as part of His plan to purify His church?  One of the things we discussed was Jonathan Cahn’s prophetic word through Isaiah 9:10-12, after 9/11 happened, Some of the leaders of our nation even quoted parts of these verses – they kept saying “We will….”, using portions of Isaiah 9:10-12 as their reference.  They didn’t take into consideration this statement, this attitude was something God hated.  It is a sign of pride and self-sufficiency.  In essence they were saying, “We can take care of ourselves, we can fight back, we don’t need God.  We will rebuild. They may have attacked us, but we will counter attack and we will crush our enemy.  We will not allow this to get us down.  We will make ourselves bigger, better and stronger”.  The same attitude was even displayed in France this past week.

Did anyone not consider what Isaiah 9:13 says:  “The people did not turn to Him who struck them, nor inquire of the Lord of Hosts”… viagra france acheter.

It’s all about the “we”.  What about God in and through all of this? Have we considered that maybe God may be allowing this because He wants to get our attention?  As we discussed this, the word “repent” kept coming up in our conversation.  Can it be possible the Lord is calling His church to repentance?  Not to plot and plan and scheme on how to fight back, or find ways to defend ourselves?  As we talked, I kept remembering all what I read in the prophetic books of the Bible and got chills.  The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Malachi 3:6 keeps running through my mind:  “For I the Lord do not change….”  He is the God of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.  If the Lord can allow pagans from outside nations to buffet His chosen, His beloved people who He brought out of Egypt, what right do we think we have some sort of special graces or dispensation to not suffer calamity today?

How many years have our people have been immersed in idolatry and immorality?  How long do we expect God to close His eyes to all of that?  Why do we expect to be treated differently than His own beloved people?  Why do we expect the Lord to overlook our nation and western civilization’s blatant sin?  Families are crumbling, now being “redefined”, we’re murdering our children, allowing sex to be exploited and selfishly spending our abundant resources while approximately 1/3 of the world is malnourished or starving.  How long will this be allowed until the judgment comes?

I remember John Paul Jackson’s prophetic words from 2008, about the “Perfect Storm”.  Is a “divine set-up” soon coming?  Are we ready for this?

The God I read about in the Bible is a gracious and kind God, I believe that with all my heart.  The Lord has a passion and a love to reach the lost, the broken, the hurting.  But on the other hand, I read about God being a Righteous Judge.  He hates man’s pride with such vengeance.  God hates the self will, the “I will”.  I remember reading in the Gospels Jesus’ harshest words were not toward those caught up in blatant sin or paganism, but toward the religious leaders.  Didn’t He call them “white-washed tombs, hypocrites”?  What would Jesus call us today?  I’m a religious leader myself and I cringe at that thought.

We need to remember that Jesus never preached against Rome.  Jesus never declared that Israel should defeat the Roman Empire – though everyone was waiting for Him to lead them into shaking off the tyranny of Rome.  Jesus never sought to raise up an army to overthrow the Roman dictatorship.  Today we need to recognize that, we need to remember that today in light of what we’re facing now.

I keep hearing:  “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near”.  Instead of declaring the “I will’s”, maybe we should think about our doing a season of repentance and prayer, even throw in a little fasting in our churches…..before we decide to go out and crush our enemies?

What is God saying about all of this?  I have a sense that more is coming, much more.  Just as in Joshua 7:2-5 where the people may have thought they’re facing a little enemy they can easily crush themselves without God’s help, but ended up getting defeated, are we facing something much more than what the eye can see?


Our School of Prayer meets  at 7:00 every Monday night at 107 Forster Street, Hartford.  All are welcome to join us!

Let’s come together to pray for our nation?



This Monday, we will  finish our last class on “Communion With God” in our weekly School of Prayer at House of Good Hope.  I personally started this class on my own last winter, long before it was introduced in the School of Prayer.  I started it originally with the goal of obtaining college credit.  But the class was so good, I then introduced it on Monday nights.  Many told me they’ve learned so much, said how great it was!   Mark Virkler excellently teaches us how to hear God’s voice, and he taught us many tools on how to do this.  Everyone in our class now knows the 4 basic keys:

1. Quiet yourself down
2. Look for vision
3. Tune in to spontaneity
4. Write what you hear God say to you.

All this looks very simple, but it’s a discipline I found we still need to learn.  I was doing some of it, but not all 4 steps.  Following all 4 has stretched and challenged me.  And this comes from a seasoned journalist!  I’ve been journaling almost all of my life: since I was 13 years old, after I read the book – Diary of Anne Frank.  Her story so moved me, I decided to write down my thoughts and keep a record of my life. I’ve kept this up ever since, now have a bookcase full of my journals.

Everyone who comes to this house of prayer knows how strongly I emphasize the importance of keeping a journal, I regularly hand out notebooks to encourage those to start journaling.  But one thing I’ve not done is to record all that what I hear God saying to me, as what Mark Virkler says:  “the art of 2-way journaling“.   I found I almost never allow Holy Spirit start the conversation with me when I pray.  I rarely ask the Lord what HE wants to discuss with me, all of it is only about what’s on my heart, not God’s.  As with most of us, I start my prayers with what I want to pray about.  For almost all my life I’ve only written what “I” thought, or what “I” am going through.  I never bothered to record any of the dialogue I have with the Lord; what He says to me (unless it’s a “biggie”!), and I’m an intercessor!    If we believe God is real and He is keenly interested in all that we do, why can’t we go to Him, ask questions and write down what we hear the Lord say to us?  We all believe God speaks directly to our hearts, why can’t we just write down what we hear?   For me, this way of 2-way journaling has been life-changing!  It has been a discipline for me to learn to quiet myself down and wait to hear what the Lord wants to say to me.  I ask the Lord in prayer, and I do record my prayers, but I’ve been negligent in waiting for the Lord to answer me – and especially writing the answer down when I get it!  I’m also very good at writing down my thoughts, my ideas, my strategies, etc.   Not God’s.

As I’ve been practicing this “2-way” thing, one important topic the Lord has been discussing with me is my “trust” factor.  I keep hearing the Lord ask me:  “Do you trust Me?”  Yes, I believe every word in the Bible is real. Yes, I do believe the Lord takes care of His children, provides for their needs as they relied on Him.  Yes, I do believe that the miraculous is here today, I’ve even witnessed some powerful miracles in my life and in those who I’ve prayed for.  Yes, I believe in prophecy and I do believe the Lord uses me at times.  I believe in all of that.   But do I truly believe in all of that…..for me?  All the time?   Do I also trust the Lord to meet MY needs?  Especially my every need?  Do I truly know how to depend on God for my everything?  I remember one time wanting to discuss with the Lord something that was in my mind, but suddenly I found myself redirected to start thinking about my job.  The Lord asked me – “Do you trust Me?”  The Lord was asking me:  did I trust God that HE is my Provider, not my own 2 hands or my paycheck?  Until this was brought up, the thought never occurred to me.  I’ve done a lot risky things in my life, but I always trusted in my weekly paycheck to provide for me.  Not in God.

I suddenly saw a picture in the movie Aladdin – he had his hand out to Princess Jasmine and asked, “Do you trust me?”  I heard the Lord ask me:  “Do you truly trust Me to provide for your daily bread?  Do you truly trust Me to provide for your every need?”  Aladdin-Do You Trust Me Princess Jasmine knew if she took Aladdin’s hand, she would be going on a risky wild and crazy ride, there was no going back.  But Jasmine desperately wanted to go with Aladdin.  So, as risky as it was, she took his hand.  She took the risk, went on that wild and crazy ride and loved every minute of it!

So here I am, in my prayer room with that image embedded in my mind.  Like in the Aladdin movie, I saw the Lord extend His hand and ask me:  “Do you trust Me?” Like Princess Jasmine, my heart beats quickly when I hear the question, yet I’m afraid.  I hear the Lord asking me to take risks, even greater risks than I’ve had in the past.  Am I willing?  Do I trust Him?  Do I trust God with my everything?

Another picture the Lord gave me was of Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit, one of my favorite stories.  I so relate to Bilbo!  Part of me wants to remain safe and comfortable in my little “hobbit-hole”, yet part of me craves adventure:  wild, life-threatening crazy adventure!  Bilbo finally made the decision to go on the adventure that was put before him.  Here he was, running down the lane, coat tails flying, off to meet his adventure.   I keep hearing the other hobbits yelling at Bilbo, asking what’s he’s in such a hurry for?  Bilbo’s response was:  “I’m going on an ADVENTURE!!”   Am I willing to risk it all?  Am I willing to go on an “adventure” with Jesus?  Do I trust the Lord with my……everything?   Can I TRULY trust God?

Bilbo Baggins - Going on an Adventure

I hear the Lord ask me if I can trust Him, not only for His ability to provide for my daily needs, but for me to partner with Him; in a sense, “go on adventures” with Jesus.   We all have dreams.  Some of us even may sense the Lord leading us in some sort of direction.  Like me, many of us talk about it, but we’re a bit too afraid to launch out in what we hear the Lord leading us to.  We think we need more training, more maturity, more money, more of something we think we don’t yet have.  And…..we don’t have enough trust in God to truly believe He will provide all of that for us!  We spend all of our lives preparing for our adventures, yet too afraid to step out and have them.  For some of us, suddenly we find it’s too late.  We missed it.

Are you willing to go on adventures with Jesus?  Has the Lord challenged you in this area of trust?  Are you willing to go so far as even lay down your time, your career, even your resources to go on these adventures with the Lord?  Are you willing to be stretched?

Am I willing?   Are you willing?


Starting Monday, September 28, 2015  our Monday night School of Prayer will be studying and discussing the “trust” factor.  The class will be called – “Do you trust Me?”  We will explore what it means to go on these “adventures in God”, allow ourselves to be stretched further, even beyond than what we’re used to.  This will be a class with no tests, with no right or wrong answers.  It will more of a discussion forum, mixed in with lots of prayer.  Together we will discuss and learn from each other what it means to truly trust in God for our everything.   Everyone is welcome, no charge for the class.  Offerings will be taken each weekto cover costs.  Respond to this message if you would like to join us?

Come, let’s go on some wild and crazy adventures with God!

In HIM……


Pink Skies in Their Entire Splendor

This is from one of our friends who is part of House of Good Hope, Linda Maynard.  Lin is an excellent writer and has written in many blogs over the years.  Be blessed as you read this:

TUESDAY scenario with two friends driving in a car
Kim…” Gosh look at the SKY! Lin” peering out the windshield
Lin…“Yeah”… kind of feebly
Kim…” Over there…LOOK OVER THERE!!!” “Don’t you see that?”
Lin…. quiet… not sure what to say.
She thinks “she is a LOT more excited than me….I see very dull coloring”
Kim…”Can you see the separations and the breaking of the colors?”
She continues, “I LOVE the sky, I have ALWAYS LOVED THE SKY!”…” I am ALWAYS LOOKING UP!”
Lin… thinking, “maybe if I tell her about the project I heard about the sky and how they did the experiment with people…They were supposed to pay attention to the sky and look up every day and note the reaction from other people on the street.
Kim chimes in again “I have NEVER seen anything SO BEAUTIFUL have you???”
Lin…Sinking down further in the seat and thinking…” I just don’t see what she sees and from what I can see … it doesn’t seem ALL that exciting”
They arrive at Kim’s home and they part, with Kim all aglow with the wonder of the Lord and of the sky and of nature.
As Lin drives home, she is struggling even to see the road…it is very blurry. She can’t quite figure out why it is SO bad.
“The road is dark and I think I’d better not drive in the dark anymore.”

Lin cannot believe what she is seeing… photo after photo… of magnificent beautiful and colorful skies that others, who live locally, have posted from Tuesday, just before
“Wow! How come I missed those?” thinks Lin.
…It dawns on her, that the skies she saw in the pictures on fb ,were of the VERY same sky, Kim saw the day before…EXCEPT Lin was unable to appreciate them at all…even with Kim’s excitement.
She WANTED to see…
…she TRIED to see…
…she STRUGGLED to see…but to no avail…
Kim had been practically jumping up and down.
Lin remembered why ….She had forgotten her GLASSES that day!
Her vision was compromised…and was not in any way crisp and clear.
What Lin saw was dull and muted, although the beauty that showed forth was right there.
The masterpiece of God’s artistry was not clear at all, to Lin
Lesson…” Without good vision…people perish”
And although some may think they have a clear picture…t is FAR below the brilliance and majesty of God’ Himself.
If people can’t see what God is doing,
they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what He reveals,
they are most blessed. Proverbs 29:18 The Message
Penned by
Linda Kosinski Maynard

Nonstop Worship and Prayer

Nonstop Worship and Prayer

July 6, 2013
My heart aches for nonstop worship and prayer! Oh how I long for a place where we can come in, sit on the floor and pray worship God nonstop; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Oh for a place where we can stop by no matter what time of day or what day of week. Where the place never closes! Oh God! Can I have that place? Can I help build that place? Show me how? Guide me? Lead me? Direct me?”

I wrote that in my journal on July 6 of this year, when I was sitting in a church waiting for service to start. My heart was aching for deep intense worship, where it never had to end. I longed for a place where time seemed not to matter, there was a flow of the Spirit, prayer was according to God’s leading, not according to man’s schedule. A place where we can soak in God’s Presence and not be told we have to leave because service was over and they have to lock the building. A place where worship doesn’t have to stop or be put in a box because it was time for the pastor to preach. I’ve read about times & places like that. Places where time seemed to stop. People would come at different times, some would stay for hours. It wasn’t about the teaching, the people who came, or the technical skill of the worship leaders. People came because they wanted to meet with God.
Preaching came up as Holy Spirit moved upon a heart, not because someone was assigned to preach. Nothing was said until Holy Spirit spoke into someone’s heart. The preacher could be some well-known preacher, or the sermon could come from an office worker, carpenter, housewife or even a child. It didn’t matter who did the preaching, it was the word of God. That had happened during previous revivals and great moves of  God. People learned to wait, sometimes even for hours or days or even months until they heard from God. People learned to really pray and connect with God, not just pray their petitions while on the run, either for for work or ministry. People took time to wait and listen, really listen to hear the voice of Holy Spirit. I desperately wanted to go to a place like that. Such a passion, such a drawing wells up inside me to find a place like that!

I remember when I was a young believer I wanted to join a monastery. But the only monasteries I knew about weren’t places where I wanted to live. I wondered if there was such a place where people can visit or even live? A place where the worship and prayer never stops? It wasn’t until I heard of the International House of Prayer. I remember in 1999, I heard that no key was made for the front door because the door is never locked. I thought, how amazing! How wonderful! But the people I hung around with at that time discouraged me from investigating IHOP further. So it didn’t go anywhere.

Then I went IHOP Atlanta in January 2012 and got totally wrecked! All of these old passions and desires suddenly welled up inside me once again. So, I came home, quit many ministries and projects I had been doing and am focusing totally on House of Good Hope. We now hold 4-5 prayer meetings a week, including a school of prayer on Monday nights.

But oh God I want more! I want to be released to do this 24/7! I know I’m not yet disciplined to do this yet, but I want to be. I am willing to be made more willing. I feel like I barely pray, yet I run a prayer house and am in prayer every morning and hold prayer gatherings almost every night of the week. But it’s not enough! I want more!

It has been on my heart to hold prayer at House of Good Hope every day during the 10 Days of Awe. I was going to just open the house from 9am-7 or 9pm, but I felt The Lord lead me to consider keeping the house open 24/7. I believe this came to me as I wrote the above passage July 6. I hear The Lord challenged me with my own words, “You say you want to have a 24/7 house of prayer. Why not try it? Try it for 10 days”.

As I considered this challenge, I kept thinking this will be a great stretch. We’ve held many 12 & 24 hour prayer watches and they were never that well-attended. If one day or night watch was difficult, how can I hold a 24 hour prayer watch for 10 DAYS??? What daunting task! The very thought scared me, yet it excited me. If anything, this would give me opportunity to press into God as I never had before. I’m taking these days off from work, that part of my schedule has been set aside, even for just a few days.

Can it be done? Can I do it? We’re at least going to try. What better date to start than the 10 Days of Awe? We are starting at sunset, September 4, through to sunset, September 14. Some of are even going to try to throw in a little fasting with it.

Are there people out there who are like me? Are you hungry for more of God’s Presence in your life? Are you dissatisfied with where your own personal walk with God is? Are you dismayed with the condition of your family, your neighborhood, your city, your state or your country and you want to see God change the circumstances? Do you want to pour out your life into prayer? Do you want to connect with The Lord in a deeper, richer, fuller way yet you don’t have the time or place to do it?

I challenge you to join us in this experiment. How hungry are you for more of God? Do you only say you’re hungry, but if its inconvenient or even difficult, you’re not going to do it? if it even means putting aside another good thing just to do nothing but sit in a little house in prayer, are you willing to do it? Pray about getting stretched. How much do

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