This is my first attempt at blogging, my sister Carol encouraged me to start this.  She said it would be a great way to communicate our house of prayer information across the state and across the region; to all those who are interested in us and in houses of prayer viagra generic online.  Up to now we’ve always done e-newsletters, but I am willing to try a new thing!

To start, let me give you a little background about us:

Since March 1999 I had been connected with the Connecticut House of Prayer, pioneered by Barbara Lachance of Mystic CT.  My passion is and always has been to implement and increase prayer & intercession in my home state of Connecticut.  I’ve done quite a bit of study over the years on how revivals and the way moves of God started.  They always started because groups of people had been sacrificially praying and interceding for their land and for their people.  I came to a place of desperation to see this happen in New England, especially Connecticut.  It has now become my intense desire to spend the rest of my life in prayer and intercession for the people of Connecticut.  Since I moved here over 26 years ago, it has been my driving desire to see these people, the “land of the frozen chosen” know Jesus intimately.  This was the land of D.L. Moody, Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd.  This was the land where George Whitfield preached out in the open fields and thousands would come.  If it happened then, why not now?  These people are a lost people who are dying and going to hell unless they meet Jesus.  Their money, their education and their social or political status won’t save them.   My heart broke for the people living in this state and in this region.

Through the Connecticut House of Prayer, Barbara mentored me, taught me much in leadership, especially in coordinating prayer rallies, nightwatches and prayer workshops.  She also has always validated my intercessory and administrative giftings.  I will always be deeply grateful for all the time and energy Barbara has sown into me over the years.  In 2007 Barbara appointed me executive director of the Connecticut House of Prayer.  Two years before that the Lord led me to sell my home in Stafford and move to Hartford.  In 2007 I bought a house in the city and turned it into our ministry headquarters and a house of prayer.  I remained executive director until 2011, when Barbara stepped down as president.  During that time the Lord showed me it was His will to only focus on that One Thing: that is to raise up a house of prayer in our state capital, and I am to do nothing else than that.  I resigned as executive director as well as all the other prayer networks I had been involved in.  What I heard from the Lord was I am to concentrate on building a prayer furnace in Hartford, our state capital.  We can’t take the state until we first take the cities, and my assignment is specifically the city of Hartford.

In January, 2012 we incorporated as a ministry, established to become a house of prayer in Hartford.  We call ourselves HOUSE OF GOOD HOPE because this is the original name of Hartford when it was an old Dutch fort on the banks of the Connecticut River.  We believe this is the destiny of our city.  Hartford is to be a City of Hope, Good Hope.  Our vision is to be open for prayer, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Right now we have the following meetings:

  • Mondays, 7-9pm ~ OPEN THE GATES ~ World Changers School of Prayer
  • 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 7-9pm ~ HARP & BOWL worship & intercession
  • 3rd Saturdays, 9am-12pm ~ GOD CHASERS
  • 4th Sundays, 6-9pm ~ OverFlow young adult prayer & intercession

We have a vision to start a Soaking Center and a Healing Room ministry as soon as leaders are raised up.

We would love to have you join us!  We are located at:

320 Brown Street
Hartford CT 06114

Check out our website for more information:  www.hartfordprayer.com


Come pray with us?