We think about a monastic life being like monks, hidden away, praying in caves.

For 10 days, in commemoration of Rosh Hashanah and in conjunction with the 40 Days of Worship in CT…there are people Worshipping and Praying…Day and Night…24/7…at the House of Good Hope in Hartford CT.

Well, you are probably saying that we are not hidden.

Well if you are looking at the House and us from an earthly perspective, I can see where you are coming from.

We’re in a Big Inner City. There is busy traffic all day long. It is close to gas stations and restaurants. It’s not too far from Hartford Hospital.

People pass a nondescript Cape Cod home, all day long. There is a sign on the façade and sometimes I have wondered how many have read the sign. Is anyone curious? Or in the hustle and bustle of life, is it just like passing a church on every corner.

But inside, hidden in plain sight, are men, women and even children who are giving honor to a King. Actually, it is no earthly King but Jesus who is the King of Kings.

Inside are many forms of expression…music…singing…out loud prayer…silent prayer…dancing…playing instruments…drawing, painting and creating…and a posture of love and adoration for King Jesus.

What goes on in that House supersedes any legislation…any marches for causes…any political lobbying…anything of self-effort.

The world and the people outside say things like “Thank you very much I CAN run my life on my own.”

Those praying inside are saying “Lord, there is not one thing I (we) can do without You.”

The atmosphere in the House is peaceful and focused, as well as urgent and life changing.

In the Bible, it says that we (Christians) are a peculiar people. I am sure that many in the world outside would say “Why would you want to pray so long and on such a lovely day?”

And we would say …” Come, stay and rest a while. Pray or sing or cry or sigh. Be silent and let Love speak to your heart. If you are hesitant and just want to observe…that’s OK too.

You will walk into this “ordinary” House and you will leave knowing you have visited HOME!

By Linda Kosinski Maynard