We at House of Good Hope are very excited about hosting our first conference!  Brandon Hammonds and Justin Rizzo from the International House of Prayer (IHOP-kc) are coming to cast the vision for raising up houses of prayer and 24/7 prayer rooms in New England churches acheter viagra l.  We believe that now is the time to increase our prayer and intercession in New England, something is about to happen.

Over the years of my walking with the Lord, I had come to the realization that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in the Lord unless His people come together to call it in through sacrificial worship, prayer and intercession.  I’ve not heard of any revival that had “started on its own”.  Great revivals started because there were groups of people crying out for more of His Presence.  John Wesley, who was one of the key leaders in the First Great Awakening said it well when he said: “Nothing happens except that which is in answer to believing prayer”.  I quote that often!  Also, I heard one great preacher once state that history is in the hands of the intercessor.  As I’ve walked this path of prayer & intercession, I’m realizing more and more how true that is!  All the Lord is looking for is a “few good men” AND women to pray in His purposes for New England.

Several years the Lord gave me this Scripture to identify the call He has placed on me:

“Now gather yourself into troops, oh daughter of troops……”  Micah 5:1

We are holding this conference not just to build up House of Good Hope, our own local house of prayer.  That is only one of our goals.  The main goal is to raise up and encourage more houses of prayer and 24/7 prayer rooms!

Plan to come if you are called to be a History Maker!