I so love living in this house!  My family think I have a “strange” lifestyle by my living in Hartford, of all places.  And my turning this house into a house of prayer!  Why do I invite all these “strangers” to come in and pray at all hours of the day & night?  Even when I’m not home!  One day, it was election day, my daughter spent the night with me.  I had left for work and she wanted to leave.  But there were voices downstairs; a prayer meeting was going on!  My daughter couldn’t leave the house without a lot of hugs and prayers from all these “strangers”.  One time we went out to dinner and when we came back to the house, there were 5-6 youth on the floor in intense travail!

Last night I held a nightwatch, didn’t get to bed until 5:00 am.  I woke up at 10:30 am this morning to the sweetest sound on earth!  In fact I felt like I was in heaven!  About 20 people were in the house, all worshipping at the the top of their lungs.  My dear friends, Patricia & Gregorio Videlia were invited to speak at the church that meets in my house of prayer.  Patricia kept crying out “RIVER OF GOD!!  RIVER OF GOD!!” in her wonderful Argentenian accent.  The Lord had sent her  & Gregorio as missionaries here to Connecticut about 10 years ago from the fires of the Argentina revival.  I introduced the Videlias to the pastors of the church that meets here in the house of prayer, and they invited them to preach today.

As I was waking up, the Presence of God enveloped me.  I laid in bed for  a few minutes and worshipped God with them.  Finally I knew I had to get up and join them.  After I had eaten breakfast, dressed and came downstairs, they were singing the last song.  At first I was disappointed.  But the sweet Presence of God was still there!  Gregorio preached a powerful word that morning about going after the Presence of God, how that is TRUE revival.  Everyone was in tears, even then interpreter!  Everyone in the church were all are so hungry for more of the Presence of God!  But we get caught up in our own “agendas” that we don’t take the time to wait to listen for God’s voice.  We need to wait on the Lord, seek after HIS Presence and do HIS will.  After the sermon, they both prayed for all of us, and soon everyone was praying for each other.   We shared a meal together, all loved on each other, and the last person left at 5:00 pm.  I went back upstairs and took a 3 hour nap.

What  way to live!  After my experiencing all of this, I don’t want to live any other way.  What better way to live than in a house of prayer?