This is from one of our friends who is part of House of Good Hope, Linda Maynard.  Lin is an excellent writer and has written in many blogs over the years.  Be blessed as you read this:

TUESDAY scenario with two friends driving in a car
Kim…” Gosh look at the SKY! Lin” peering out the windshield
Lin…“Yeah”… kind of feebly
Kim…” Over there…LOOK OVER THERE!!!” “Don’t you see that?”
Lin…. quiet… not sure what to say.
She thinks “she is a LOT more excited than me….I see very dull coloring”
Kim…”Can you see the separations and the breaking of the colors?”
She continues, “I LOVE the sky, I have ALWAYS LOVED THE SKY!”…” I am ALWAYS LOOKING UP!”
Lin… thinking, “maybe if I tell her about the project I heard about the sky and how they did the experiment with people…They were supposed to pay attention to the sky and look up every day and note the reaction from other people on the street.
Kim chimes in again “I have NEVER seen anything SO BEAUTIFUL have you???”
Lin…Sinking down further in the seat and thinking…” I just don’t see what she sees and from what I can see … it doesn’t seem ALL that exciting”
They arrive at Kim’s home and they part, with Kim all aglow with the wonder of the Lord and of the sky and of nature.
As Lin drives home, she is struggling even to see the road…it is very blurry. She can’t quite figure out why it is SO bad.
“The road is dark and I think I’d better not drive in the dark anymore.”

Lin cannot believe what she is seeing… photo after photo… of magnificent beautiful and colorful skies that others, who live locally, have posted from Tuesday, just before
“Wow! How come I missed those?” thinks Lin.
…It dawns on her, that the skies she saw in the pictures on fb ,were of the VERY same sky, Kim saw the day before…EXCEPT Lin was unable to appreciate them at all…even with Kim’s excitement.
She WANTED to see…
…she TRIED to see…
…she STRUGGLED to see…but to no avail…
Kim had been practically jumping up and down.
Lin remembered why ….She had forgotten her GLASSES that day!
Her vision was compromised…and was not in any way crisp and clear.
What Lin saw was dull and muted, although the beauty that showed forth was right there.
The masterpiece of God’s artistry was not clear at all, to Lin
Lesson…” Without good vision…people perish”
And although some may think they have a clear picture…t is FAR below the brilliance and majesty of God’ Himself.
If people can’t see what God is doing,
they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what He reveals,
they are most blessed. Proverbs 29:18 The Message
Penned by
Linda Kosinski Maynard