“The son of a Connecticut kindergarten teacher stormed her Newtown school this morning, sources said, shooting and killing 20 children and six adults in the worst elementary school shooting in American history.  Adam Lanza, 20, opened fire first at the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s office, then in his mother’s kindergarten class, authorities told NBC News. The Associated Press has identified Adam’s mother as Nancy Lanza.  The shooter himself died as well, and one of his family members was found dead in a Newtown home.  State police have not confirmed the name during any news conference held on Friday. They said they will, but it is not appropriate to do so yet.

Evil visited this community today,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said during a news conference at 6 p.m.”

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/State-Police-Responding-to-Shooting-at-School-Police–183498401.html#ixzz2F4h1VGxK


My heart is so grieved at the tragedy one of our Connecticut schools has suffered!  I keep wondering what kind of lunacy would possess someone to do something as horrendously terrible as killing a classroom of innocent children and their teacher?   I also know that something like this can lead people, even Christians into a place of helpless bitterness.  “Where was God at a time like this?”  We will never know why, but this is a time for us to not question but to pray.

Tomorrow morning our Christmas worship celebration has been scheduled, but plans have been changed.  We will not be celebrating, instead we will be praying.  We will spend the morning interceding for our children, especially for those who had lost their children through tragedy such as this.

You are encouraged to join us in prayer and intercession.  We are meeting from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at House of Good Hope, 320 Brown Street, Hartford.