Wanting More of Him


What on Earth Does That Mean?

You might say, how can we want more of God, when we, who are born again, already have ALL of Him.
As I pondered how I would answer this, I thought of relationships.
I remember when I dated my husband that he would drop me off, after a date and go home. I was so enamored by him that I wouldn’t even take off my coat, but wait for his expected call. Mind you, we had already spent an evening together, but it didn’t seem enough.
We became engaged. While II enjoyed the promise of commitment, I longed for the day when we would not have to part again. Waiting seemed to increase my anticipation of being exclusively together and alone.
After the Wedding, we moved into our first apartment. Having him all to myself was heavenly.
Throughout the years, by seeking and pursuing, we have come to learn a lot about each other. It is in the crucible of life that I learned more about my husband’s love and dedication for me. I have learned that he will be with me in good times and bad and in sickness and health. I learned that more than anyone here on earth, he knows me. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. He has been my greatest cheerleader and friend. He has found it in his heart to forgive me…time and time again. He laughs at my silly jokes and has cheered me on with my various artistic endeavors… He sees the best of me as well as part of me that people outside never see. He and I keep our secrets. We know that whatever lies ahead…each of us will be there for one another…
So, even more so is our relationship with our Lord.
We can “taste and see” that the Lord is good. Our appetite is whetted, and then we want more.
We experience the kindness of God and it is so good that we want to experience it more.
We come to know the Lord’s protection…His mercy…His forgiving nature…His generosity…His acceptance and so much more.
Being loved in this way is so good, that we are satisfied in that moment but that satisfaction sets us up for wanting more.
Our relationship with the Lord develops and deepens over time. But it is not a one way relationship. It is Him along with me. I have to be a participant and well as a seeker of ‘”more”.
He has already given His all to us. But if we continue to seek MORE of this relationship with our Lord, will be given MORE and MORE and MORE viagra chine. And did I just say More?
The secret is that He wants to be found by us AND it is HE who puts that very desire and idea in our hearts.
So, if this is new to you, simply say “Lord, I want more of You…I want to know You better to find out your ways and your opinions. I even need to hear again and again just how special I am to You.”
As much as you want to find Him, He even more wants to be found by you
And you know what? As you pursue more of Him, it truly delights Him. He wants to give you His All.
I can see a smile on His face.
So don’t be shy.
Come to the only One who will truly satisfy you. And be filled again and again.
Linda Maynard