We just finished holding our first prayer conference (“Igniting Fires”)  All I can say, it was amazing!  There was miracle after miracle surrounding this conference!  Because we are such a new ministry – less than a year old – this was a huge step of faith to hold a conference like this with very little financial support.  It was an even larger step of faith because we wanted this to be available to everyone no matter the cost, so we charged absolutely no registration fee.  We believed God to take care of the finances and He did…….magnificently!

Brandon Hammonds and Justin Rizzo from the International House of Prayer, Kansas City (www.ihopkc.org) taught us on houses of prayer, how we ALL are called to be “houses of prayer”.  They cast the vision for establishing increased hunger for more of His Presence, how to host His Presence.  We ended with a powerful time of intercession for our children.  A young mother spoke of her passion for the youth of Hartford as well as her own children.  The room electrified as Justin sang back her prayers, igniting all of us to passionately cry out for the next generation.  Awesome!  

Check out our website:  www.hartfordprayer.com to see pictures of our conference.

At the House of Good Hope, starting tomorrow night (November 5)  we will explore the intercessory ministry; why the call to increased worship &  prayer, the motivation of prayer, etc.  

The teachings for the next 4 weeks will be as follows:

November 5 – The Heart of the Intercessor 
November 12 – Living the Blessed Life
November 19 – Revelation of Intercession
November 26 – Our Authority in Prayer

Plan to join us?  You will be greatly encouraged!

We meet:
Monday nights7-9:30pm – School of Prayer
2nd & 4th Thursday nights 7-9:30pm – worship, prayer & intercession 
3rd Saturdays 9am-12pm God Chasers
4th Sundays 6-9pm – OverFlow 


In HIM we live and move and have our being……