A couple weekends ago I attended an apostolic conference in Hartford. The bishop was preaching on the significance of the Lord moving in & through New England. One thing he pointed out, which I already knew, is that Satan is not and cannot be a creator; he can only pervert that which is the Lord’s destiny. We all know that New England colleges & universities offers the highest level of education in the world. There are 8 Ivy League schools in the northeast. Most leaders from around the world have been educated, or want to be educated in our New England Ivy League schools. Of course we know what is presently being taught, we also know about the secret societies like Skull & Bones, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Shriners, etc. and how these secret societies are used to raise up young men to high leadership roles.

So, what is the destiny of New England? Think of the power of influence our region has! The Lord has predestined our region to raise up & educate powerful world leaders, to influence every arena of our world! What if REVIVAL broke out at Harvard? Or Yale? Or Dartmouth? Or any of our other schools? What powerful seeds can planted in our world….through the powerful influence of our little New England region! Some of us have praying for our colleges & universites for years, let’s increase the intercession.

The Lord has a powerful destiny for our state and for our region!